Friday, November 27, 2020

Films discussed (listed alphabetically by director)

Films discussed (listed alphabetically by director)
I have now almost completed my update of my film reviews. However, there are still a few missing, which I will soon restore. I will then delete the old "Table of Contents," with bad English
translations, missing photos, and other problems. I think this is a much clearer picture of the almost 1600 films I have reviewed to date.  --Douglas Messerli

Canner Alper (see Mehmet Binay)

Donald Cammell (see Nicolas Roeg)



Adam Darke (see John Carey)


William Dieterle (see Max Reinhardt)

Mati Diop Snow Canon / 2011

Disney Studios Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (see David Hand)

Stanley Donen (see also George Abbott)

Metin Erksan Susuz Yaz (Dry Summer) / 1964, USA 1967

Martin Escoffier (see Victor Habchy)

     USA 1979

Federico Fellini Il bidone (The Swindlers) / 1955, USA 1964


Rachel Grady (see Heidi Ewing)

      Ribbon)/ 2009

Sean Hanley (see Jesse Archer)

     USA 1975

Paul Humfress (see Derek Jarman)

Sarah Kernochan (see Smith)


Elmar Klos (see Ján Kadár)

Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey / 1968

Mike and George Kuchar / Sins of the Brothers Kuchar / 1960-2013
     Meltdown / 2012
     The Stranger in Apartment 9F / 1998
     Fallen Angels / 2013
     I Was a Teenage Rumpot / 1960
     Sylvia’s Promise / 1962
     Cattle Mutilations / 1983
     Temple of Torment / 2006

Akira Kurosawa 羅生門, Rashōmon (Rashoman) / 1950, USA 1951
Akira Kurosawa 七人の侍, Shichinin no Samurai (Seven Samurai) / 1954
Akira Kurosawa 蜘蛛巣城 (Throne of Blood) / 1957

Michael Mann Public Enemies / 2009

Joe Mantello The Boys in the Band / 2020 (see also William Friedkin The Boys in the Band / 1970)

Douglas Messerli Reading Sexually Coded Films: A Defense

David Moreton Testosterone / 2004

Brett Morgen (see Nanette Burnstein)

Paul Morrissey Flesh / 1968



Joan Rivers: (Still A) Live at the London Palladium / 2005
See also Ricki Stern

Jacques Rivette Le coup du berger / 1956


     USA 1928

Volker Schlöndorff Un amour de Swann (Eine Liebe von Swann) (Swann in Love) / 1984

David Siegel (see Scott McGehee)

John Sturges Bad Day at Black Rock / 1954

Anne Sundberg (see Ricki Stern)


William Wyler Funny Girl / 1968