Sunday, January 24, 2021

Films discussed (listed alphabetically by director)

Films discussed (listed alphabetically by director)
I have now almost completed my update of my film reviews. However, there are still a few missing, which I will soon restore. I will then delete the old "Table of Contents," with bad English
translations, missing photos, and other problems. I think this is a much clearer picture of the almost 1600 films I have reviewed to date.  --Douglas Messerli

Canner Alper (see Mehmet Binay)


Peter Benardos (see David Sale)

Donald Cammell (see Nicolas Roeg)



Adam Darke (see John Carey)


William Dieterle (see Max Reinhardt)

Mati Diop Snow Canon / 2011

Disney Studios Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (see David Hand)

Stanley Donen (see also George Abbott)

Metin Erksan Susuz Yaz (Dry Summer) / 1964, USA 1967

Martin Escoffier (see Victor Habchy)

     USA 1979

Federico Fellini Il bidone (The Swindlers) / 1955, USA 1964


Rachel Grady (see Heidi Ewing)

      Ribbon)/ 2009

Sean Hanley (see Jesse Archer)

     USA 1975

Paul Humfress (see Derek Jarman)

Sarah Kernochan (see Smith)


Elmar Klos (see Ján Kadár)

Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey / 1968

Mike and George Kuchar / Sins of the Brothers Kuchar / 1960-2013
     Meltdown / 2012
     The Stranger in Apartment 9F / 1998
     Fallen Angels / 2013
     I Was a Teenage Rumpot / 1960
     Sylvia’s Promise / 1962
     Cattle Mutilations / 1983
     Temple of Torment / 2006

Akira Kurosawa 羅生門, Rashōmon (Rashoman) / 1950, USA 1951
Akira Kurosawa 七人の侍, Shichinin no Samurai (Seven Samurai) / 1954
Akira Kurosawa 蜘蛛巣城 (Throne of Blood) / 1957

Michael Mann Public Enemies / 2009

Joe Mantello The Boys in the Band / 2020 (see also William Friedkin The Boys in the Band / 1970)

Douglas Messerli Reading Sexually Coded Films: A Defense

Christopher Miller (see Phil Lord)

Andy Milligan Vapors / 1965

David Moreton Testosterone / 2004

Brett Morgen (see Nanette Burnstein)

Paul Morrissey Flesh / 1968




Joan Rivers: (Still A) Live at the London Palladium / 2005
See also Ricki Stern

Jacques Rivette Le coup du berger / 1956


     USA 1928

Volker Schlöndorff Un amour de Swann (Eine Liebe von Swann) (Swann in Love) / 1984

David Siegel (see Scott McGehee)

John Sturges Bad Day at Black Rock / 1954

Anne Sundberg (see Ricki Stern)

Juan Carlos Tabío (see Tomás Gutiérrez Alea)


William Wyler Funny Girl / 1968