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Welby Ings | Boy


by Douglas Messerli

Welby Ings (scenario, text, and director) Boy / 2004, 2005 USA

One of the most innovative and visually stunning short films of the early 2000s, New Zealand director Welby Ings’ Boy (2004) is a work without dialogue that tells its story through its arresting images and words printed on those images. The printed word has great significance for professional art designer Ings, who himself didn’t learn to read until age 15.

     The short textual matter imbues the film with a poetic quality while also representing the voices of the town’s citizens like a chorus who shout out derogatory words to the film’s young hero, such as “pussyboy,” “fag,” “rent boy,” “prostitute,” “slut,” etc.

     Ings describes the work’s “language” as representing:

“Written words as thoughts, comment on or interrupt developments in the film as fragmented or poetic text. The language in this text is either poetic or references the little known New Zealand bog cruising sub-cultural language of bogspeak or parley.” 

     The words, although crucial to the inner feelings of the characters, are themselves not as important, however, as the photographic-like frames of the film, reminding one of the photography of Diane Arbus and harkening back to the doll obsessions of artist and photographer Hans Bellmer. The former Arbus-like images catch the odd strangeness of the seemingly “normal” figures of Ings’ small New Zealand town in which the “story” takes place; while the latter Bellmer obsessions, broken dolls uncovered in an old factory, restored, and outfitted (sometimes like the villages residents) as angels—visions of the villagers’ inner beings—along with one horrifying redeeming angel with black wings, all artifices created by the young hero of the piece, Sam (Jesse Lee).

      The narrative is basically a one-line incident, a man (Bryan Bevege) driving the empty roads outside of a small New Zealand town, distracted by his cellphone, accidentally strikes a young female walking alongside the highway. He stops the car to check on the body, discovering that the girl is dead; but instead of calling the police, he drives off, turning the accident into a case of hit and run. 

      Meanwhile, the local male rent boy, the peroxide-haired high school student who lives with his grandmother is visiting the town’s public restroom where he picks up most of his tricks. When someone enters the cubicle next to his, he peeps through the glory hole only to glimpse the driver, a local man he recognizes, washing off his hands in the toilet having taken off his blood-stained suit jacket and wrapped it around the base of the toilet bowl. To get a better look at these strange goings-on, Sam crawls up to peer over the top of the cubicle wall, his stare returned by the driver, who quickly exits, leaving behind his suit jacket.

      The moment he leaves, the boy rushes in to scoop up the coat in the pocket of which is a bloody piece of the girl’s garment and several of the driver’s credit cards.

       The body is found by the police, the local newspaper reporting the event as a hit-and-run by someone who perhaps doesn’t even live in the town. But others suspect foul play from someone in their midst, including the driver’s wife (Amanda Macek) who reports to the local police chief that she has found blood on her husband’s shirt.

       Although he is now possibly a suspect, the driver is still not arrested, and follows Sam, bicycling with a little cart hooked behind the bike as the boy makes his way through town—the upright citizens of this scuzzy village all observing him with distrust and disdain—to the shut-down factory, the driver entering while Sam hides, the man shouting out that if he ever finds him he’ll kill him.

       At school several fellow classmates, male and female, mock him and when Sam goes to his school locker he discovers it has been spray-painted pink.

        In another such instance when the boys suit up for gym practice the driver’s son (Luke Thompson) and other boys attack and beat Sam. All, obviously, are veiled threats aimed at assuring the fact that he will never talk about what he has witnessed, the father perhaps having encouraged his son’s homophobia with revealing the reason behind it.

      Sam has long grown used to it all, and witnesses most of the townies’ stares of hatred by recognizing some of them in his head as his regular customers which the narrative reveals by suddenly showing them in pink tutus and bras—a stereotype which I wish Ings might have avoided, but which obviously represents their hypocrisy.

    Yet Sam has also clearly been hurt by the small-town bigotry, the film twice showing him encountering his younger self to reassure him as Ings introduces the film’s major vocal musical number, “Anchor Me,” the 1994 song recorded by the New Zealand rock musical group The Mutton Birds:

                     Full fathom five

                     Someday I'll lie

                     Singing songs that come

                     From dead men's tongues

                     Anchor me, anchor me


                     As the compass turns

                     And the glass it falls

                     Where the storm clouds roll

                     And the gulls they call

                     Anchor me, anchor me, anchor me       

     The first time Sam is clearly reassuring the uncertainty in himself in his meeting with the child.

     But soon after we witnesses the local hotel bar woman being raped by several of the town locals. She is the resident heterosexual prostitute and their brutal treatment of her is so similar to the abuse they heap upon him that he pulls out his avenging angel with black wings, and in his imagination meets up once again with his younger self who this time passes the coat he has given him back to the elder self who takes the evidence directly to the police, credit cards still in the pocket to identify the roadside murderer.

     Ings’ 15-minute short was shown internationally in LGBTQ festivals, winning awards. Since then he has made two further short films Munted (2011) and Sparrow (2016), and in 2020 released his first feature film, Punch, not yet available in the US.

Los Angeles, April 30, 2021

Reprinted from My Queer Cinema blog and World Cinema Review (2021).

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Russel Vincent | That Tender Touch

even lesbians cry

by Douglas Messerli

Russel Vincent (screenwriter and director) That Tender Touch / 1969

The problem with the 1969 film about lesbian lovers, That Tender Touch, is not its dreadful script—

                              Terry: It had to happen some day, this thing that we have

                                         for each other that neither of us could explain

                                         had to come to an end sooner or later.

                             Marsha: Are you trying to tell me that’s all over now? —

nor the film’s performer’s inability to act (as Marsha Prentis, Bee Thompkins demonstrates the suffering she is going through over the breakup of her relationship with Terry Manning mostly by flopping her body across and bed, grimacing, and contorting her face to look like she was Joan Crawford horrified for the fact that she was about to vomit), nor even the atrocity of the movie sets (dark paneled rooms featuring brown Naugahyde chairs and bar stools shoved up against a shelf so narrow that it can barely serve as a shrine to a pot of coffee and suburban houses decked out  with kitsch hotel lobby furniture sunk into layers of puce shag rugs), nor even the pointless camera tracking that seemingly has a fetish about the “no vacancy” sign of the Darla Arms Furnished Apartments, to say nothing about David Saxon’s and Han Haller’s hard to listen to arpeggios of the movie’s theme song.

     No, the real problem is that it was written and directed by a male, Russel Vincent, who could not decide whether to make a “Dykesploitation” film, a campy tribute to Mark Robson’s Valley of the Dolls (1967) sans the desperate divas and their drugs (although keeping the alcohol), a homophobic warning to women who dare to fall love with members of their own sex, or a suburban soap opera exploring why so many women these days turn out to be dykes with the presumption that they had simply hooked up with the wrong guys.

    Fortunately, he clearly didn’t have enough financial backing to make any of these films, teasing us with just enough of each genre that it might seem he had a method to this mad effort to entertain us, whoever us might be—men who are intrigued by women who are bi-curious, guys who are disgusted with the idea that gals lick pussy, or gay boys and giggling sapphics who see the whole thing as simply a lark. Oddly enough, because of its total inability to comprehend who lesbians really are, Vincent brushed up on the edges of some interesting ideas about same-sex love in 1969 before it was even safe to say the L-word let alone to think about what it might have meant.

       Predictably, Marsha, previously married, meets Terry (Sue Bernard, of Russ Meyer’s 1965 exploititive flick Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!) quite by accident at the airport on the day, so the plot suggests, when her parents were killed in a plane accident. Taking a liking to the poor confused and now abandoned kid, Marsha takes her home and cares for her like she would a younger sister. Over time as she arranges her life around the adoptee, comforts her when she gets raped on her first two heterosexual dates, and arranges for her to work in the hair salon where she is employed, she discovers, inexplicably of course, that she’s fallen in love with her charge, not only spiritually but physically, surely a result of that tender touch she’s provided after Terry’s brutal encounters with manhandling. Without even thinking Marsha has grown into the role of the matron of the little prison house of love she’s created for her “friend.”

       Yet all’s well in their bicycling and balloon holding picnics until the camera hugging Ken-doll, Ken Manning (Rick Cooper) sees Terry as his perfect Barbie. Since he’s into playing with dolls himself, he dresses her up like animals and shoots her like a pole dancer on the Santa Monica Pier merry-go-round.  

     Matron  Marsha doesn’t like that one little bit, and before she knows it the two have having the discussion I quote above.  

     All of their past is revealed in flashbacks, while the true “action” of the film takes place in the plush suburban development of the Roxbury Estates to where Ken and Terry had hoped to escape from Marsha’s loving clutches. But Marsha in full business suit regalia reappears during the midst of a lovely heterosexual bash at which, without really trying, Terry’s former squeeze bewitches the Manning’s maid, a neighbor lady, and her pubescent daughter, all ready to jump into bed with Marsha at the first wink.

      But Marsha is having none of that. She still loves Terry and has come to claim her prize, despite the younger girl’s protests that despite the love she still holds for her, and the longing for Marsha’s tender touch she still feels in Ken’s loving arms, she’s now a happy hetero. As she puts it straight out: “I love you Marsha, but it's wrong!"  A little earlier she declared, “I just want to be normal.”

      It still doesn’t sink through the bouffant atop Marsha’s libidinous head, as she almost tries to rape her former bedmate while the woman’s husband, just as the insistent postman, rings twice before taking out his keys to carry in the grocery sacks. But eventually Terry, finally having come to terms with the fact that she and Marsha have actually been lesbian lovers, sets her right, insisting that although she’ll never forget her tender touches a little manhandling never hurts, particularly when it comes from the gentle Ken, who’s been so very patient in letting her make up her mind about the whole mess.

     If there was ever a perfect example of Vito Russo’s argument that in most films that portrayed LGBTQ characters the queer had to die, it’s this film: taking up the lipstick tube to the guestroom mirror, Marsha, in perfect Palmer Method cursive penmanship writes: “I love you Terry. You are now free,” before jumping into the Manning’s swimming pool to drown.

     What, strangely, this mess of a movie does reveal even though its Kabuki-like figures do not very subtly reveal it, is that lesbians also have deep feelings of love and pain upon losing their companions. They too have beating hearts that can be broken, their skin scratched even by a tender touch. 

Los Angeles, April 20, 2021

Reprinted from My Queer Cinema blog and World Cinema Review (April 2021).


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Francis Boggs ? | The Pasha's Daughter

behind the veil

by Douglas Messerli

Lloyd Longergan ? (screenplay), Francis Boggs ? (director) The Pasha’s Daughter / 1911

We do not know the director of the Thanhouser Company’s production of the 13.49-minute film from 1911, The Pasha’s Daughter. The internet film site Fandor attributes the work to Francis Boggs (director of the 1908 film version of The Count of Monte Cristo), whereas other sources suggest it probably is the work of Barry O'Neil or Lucius J. Henderson. The most likely scenarist of the film is Lloyd Lonergan, a long time newspaper reporter who may have written about the real event upon which this short was based. The male leads are played by William Garwood and William Russell, presumably Garwood acting as the American traveler Jack and Russell performing as the Turkish Pasha.

      Jack is touring Turkey by train when he encounters the Pasha who, seated in his train car, suddenly finds himself without his billfold to pay for his ticket; Jack quickly comes to the rescue, paying for the older man’s fare.

      In appreciation of his kindness the Pasha invites him to his home for the night. While the Pasha enjoys his hookah, Jack follows the servant to his designated room, returning soon after to enjoy the company of the Pasha.

      Suddenly and quite inexplicably soldiers arrive to denounce the Pasha as being a conspirator against the government, and soon after they arrest Jack as well.

      In prison at one point Jack overpowers a guard and attempts to escape, but is immediately caught by another guard and returned to the cell. Soon after, seeing a blanket laying on his bed, it gets the idea of how to escape. Applying his pocketknife to the molding of cell window, he is able to pry loose one bar, and, having tied up the parts of the blanket into a long rope, slips through the window and drops to freedom.

       He is quickly met by another guard but is able to overpower him before climbing another wall to drop into the courtyard of the Pasha’s palace.

       A few minutes earlier we observed the Pasha’s daughter and other women of the harem waiting in the garden to meet with the Pasha, who evidently has been freed of the conspiracy charges. Now Jack encounters the daughter alone, explaining to her his situation and begging for help.

      The daughter, Murana, calls her servant and insists that he prepare Jack for escape. Meanwhile other guards enter the courtyard quizzing both the daughter and her manservant if they have seen the young American. Her face hidden behind her veil, she shakes her head “no” as does her servant.

      Insisting that Jack smoke the hookah, he tells him the only way to escape is to dress like one of the harem women, providing him with a costume. Presumably, he is convinced that the only way he can get the young Jack into female custom is to drug him, but after a few puffs of the hookhah, Jack laughingly accepts the challenge, dressing in a gown and hiding his face behind the traditional veil. (With its concerns about a young American being arrested and imprisoned in Turkey along with his smoking drugs, one might almost imagine this was the precursor to Midnight Express of 1978).

      Murana reappears to check on him, he thanking her for her help. When he pleads to see her face he is stunned by her beauty and begs her to escape with him so that they might marry, an odd marriage proposal given that he is dressed in female garb.

       The daughter tells him she cannot join him but perhaps will meet him some time in the future, presenting him with a flower, he, in turn, gifting her with his calling card on which is printed his address so that if she ever reaches the US she know where to find him. They kiss and he escapes.

        A year later Jack and his mother, back in the US, are standing in the living room when the Pasha’s daughter, now dressed in western clothing, is ushered in, she telling him that since she has now arrived in the new world, she is ready to marry.

        He is intrigued, but doesn’t quite recognize the beauty, and she turns as if to leave, looking back toward him for a moment as holds up the lace overlay of her dress to mask the lower part of her face. Suddenly he realizes it is Murana and rushes to embrace her, introducing her to his mother who apparently has heard a great deal about the young woman he met in Turkey.

       At least to this “reader” of the film, his inability to recognize her, despite the fact that she previously revealed her face, suggests that he is more interested in the erotic allure of the woman than the actual flesh and bones being. It appears that the veil that once saved him is what attracted the young Jack to the Pasha’s daughter as well. If you read this as a coded message—and I don’t believe it was intended to be one—you might argue that Jack appears to prefer things that hidden to what is openly revealed.

      This film survives in the archives of The Museum of Modern Art in New York city.

Los Angeles, April 28, 2021

Reprinted from My Queer Cinema blog and World Cinema Review (April 2021).

Constantine Giannaris | Caught Looking

windows shopping

by Douglas Messerli

Paul Hallam (screenwriter), Constantine Giannaris Caught Looking / 1991

What Francis Savel did at the beginning of the 1980s for the generations before him, deconstructing images of gay desire in his Équation à un inconnu (Equation to an Unknown) (1980), so Greek-born Constantine Giannaris accomplishes anew in the 35-minute short Caught Looking (1991), but this time with an even greater sense of historicism.

     Giannaris’ brilliant introduction, before the existence of computer “chat rooms” and Grindr, to a computer game, “Caught Looking,” allows his character to stroll down the strange memory lane of gay porn genres to see if from the past that he might be able to discover a man of his dreams with whom—in what even describes as an a quaintly “old fashioned” idea—he might fall in love. After all, isn’t that really what porn is truly about, not just a series of images that provide sexual release but figures  in a suitable landscape that meet up with the fantasies of the viewer / voyeur?

       That is, at least, how the central character of Giannaris’ clever and quite breathtakingly filmed work named the Voyeur whose name is Stephen Hunter (Louis Selwyn) sees it. The game is not about finding someone to have sex with and doing it, but to find through fantasy a true imaginary love. In a strange way, Giannaris’ view of porn brings it closer to role played by romantic novels for generations of young girls and adult mothers.

      And, particularly for an active gay male, knowing the genres and having even participated in the sexual milieu of the games’ fantasy heroes is important in the same way that an adult heterosexual male applies his high school memories of the sport in playing Fantasy Football.  

       In the process, with his self-mocking commentary, Stephen takes us also through a simulacrum of gay filmmaking from Victorian fantasies, Jean Genet-like bordellos of the late 50s and 1960s, innocent musclemen physique works of the mid 50s-60s, and the gritty toilet (or in Britain “cottage”) scene of the 1970s-80s, to contemporary times, planting us down into the pay-for-sex loneliness of the 1990s and the early years of the Millennium.

       In that sense Caught Looking is perhaps a bit too programmatic. Although presented slightly out of chronological order, one almost knows—if one has been at all active in the gay sexual world over the past several decades—what is coming next and how those sexual figures will engage. Had Alfred Kinsey had such a film available, it might have saved him years of research time and energy.

      Once we have gotten the game’s rules out of the way, the film plops us down immediately on the streets of British imagination—and this work is very much from the viewpoint of the English— US, German, French, South American, and Asian viewpoints would have taken us in several different directions; leather, western, and S & M genres are primarily ignored, for example—where two sailors (Grant Cottrell and Johnny Johnny) have just arrived in town. Immediately, the besuited surrogate for the viewer, looking at bit as Stephen comments like Dirk Bogarde in Death in Venice, enters the screen to follow them to a harbor bordello where he pays for the sailors’ overnight room.

       There are also encounters with other Genet-like figures, the “dirty” street boy, “exotic” blacks, a tattooed trade figure, and a “pretty boy in tears” writing a letter (“to whom?” the narrator inquires: “His lover, his mother?”), the latter being the closest we get to a “coming out” story. A couple of men (Paul Spencer Dobson and Anthony Melon) are already in bed engaged in sex, enticing presumably those who like threesomes, which our Voyeur apparently doesn’t. A young black kid, Michel Compton (Michael Cox), catches his eye. Clicking on a key that evidently provides a brief interactive biography of the selected figure, the Voyeur discovers that the kid is 20 going on 17, a “chicken” too young and dangerous for his delectation.

        Besides he’s on the prowl or what gay men describe as “cruising” before making “decisions, decisions.” The next “room” is a toilet or a British “cottage” where the action is nonetheless universal, filled as it always is with “city boys, casual laborers, truckers (a nod the narrator says to US porno), Disco Dollies, boys on the dole, and one young college kid who reminds the Voyeur  too much of youthful self. Although intrigued by and slightly nostalgic about the pissoir action, he finds the mustachioed tough too quick to action, unable to savor the slow seduction of the college kid he entices. Of course, he might have noted the hurry of such places is partly imposed by the regular surveillance of the police, who he suggests have closed down most, but not all, cottage action. And later, when Stephen returns to the toilet to watch the surrogate besuited businessman catch the action through the viewpoint of a tiny glory peep-hole, we hear the pounding feet of the local copper doing his closet inspections.

     The third room represents a trip back in the time to the 1950s physique magazine shoot, the ridiculously refined cinematographer desperately attempting to edify the humps of the perfect symmetry of  rectangular curves packed up in posing straps with the knowledge of the Greeks and Romans. As the Voyeur perceives, it was an absurd exercise in frustration for those queens who loved the boys without daring to touch, necessitated, he admits, by the recreational hazards of blackmail and possible imprisonment. So despite his disgust of the Drama Queen’s tears when his two models suddenly pull off their straps and jump upon one another’s bodies, he is somewhat sympathetic. After all, he too is fascinated by one curly haired Greco boy and interviews him only to discover that he’s a surly rebel when it comes to love (“Love’s dead.”)

      After the brief return to the cottage and a swing back to the bordello where his surrogate takes out a camera and films the two sailor boys having sex, after which one of them, grabbing up the wad of cash gently kisses him on the lips, the closest Stephen gets in this film to sex.

      A sudden visit to a Victorian fantasy skit dominated by a transvestite Madame (Ivan Cartwright) is where the Voyeur finds himself attracted to a pretty Tunisian boy named Karim (Sofiene Levert). Our narrator finally determines its time to choose someone with whom he might interact. He pushes the necessary button, but too late; he is “caught looking” without anything to show for it unless he pays for a higher level of virtual interaction next time he visits.

       It’s a sad tale, in the end, demonstrating the isolating reality of porno images and videos. But in its gentle and probing satiric exploration of images of gay desire Caught Looking is also a lovingly filmed summary of where LGBTQ cinema lovers have been and where they may be headed. Fortunately, filmmakers throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s began immediately to search for other images and surrogates of themselves.

Los Angeles, April 28, 2021

Reprinted from My Queer Cinema blog and World Cinema Review (April 2021)







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Eadweard Muybridge | "various male athletes"

muybridge male nudes

by Douglas Messerli

Eadweard Muybridge (cinematographer) “various male athletes” / 1887

Andrew Toovey (composer and editor) Dutch Dykes (with Eadweard Muybridge moving video) / 2002

In his 1887 collection notebooks, photo albums, and films about 300 male nudes appear, most of these, like his images of women, animals, and nature concerned with locomotion and muscular movement.

     None of these are truly erotic, although some of the male figures are kind handsome and virile and may be perceived as some viewers as homoerotic images, particularly the ones that involve the motion of the male penis.

      I certainly don’t perceive them that way, although among the wrestlers, walkers, sprinters, jumpers, pole vaulters, discus throwers, and others such as the muscular, bald-headed man who climbs and descends stairs who appears to have a rather erect penis; one commentator comments that that model’s name was Bill Bailey. And there is male-to-male skin contact as one handsome young man puts his hands to the back of another as he leaps over him.

     But generally these short “moving pictures” cannot truly be categorized as early LGBTQ movies, but are nonetheless important simply because they represent some of the first portraits of the male nude in motion. 

      Most of these figures are represented in books and in series of photographic images. But the best collation of the films I have seen, which repeat certain images, slow down others, and frame backwards at moments is gathered in British composer Andrew Toovey’s 6 minute short from 2002, Dutch Dykes (with Eadweard Muybridge moving video) named for his orchestral composition that accompanies the images. By presenting the images in this manner, we can more fully perceive just what the cinematographer was attempting to discern, how the body in motion truly looks. And yes, at moments this collation does slightly eroticize the short clips, allowing us, moreover, more carefully to pursue their faces and other body parts.

      If nothing else, the orchestral accompaniment provides the images a sense of comic intensity as we hear in the mostly brass and percussion stutters of sound the more awkward stopping and clumsy motions of the rest of us who cannot match the graceful gestures of the sportsmen depicted.


Los Angeles, April 27, 2021

Reprinted from My Queer Cinema blog and World Cinema Review (April 2021).

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Marco Bellocchio I pugni in tasca (Fists in the Pocket) / 1965, USA 1968

Peter Benardos Number 96: The Movie / 1974

Peter Benardos (see also David Sale)


Bruce Beresford Tender Mercies / 1983


Ingmar Bergman Ansiktet (The Magician) / 1958

Ingmar Bergman Fanny och Alexander (Fanny and Alexander) / 1982, USA 1983

Ingmar Bergman För att inte tala om alla dessa kvinnor (All These Women) / 1964

Ingmar Bergman Höstsonaten (Autumn Sonata) / 1978

Ingmar Bergman En Passion (The Passion of Anna) / 1969, USA 1970

Ingmar Bergman Persona / 1966

Ingmar Bergman Såmson i en spegel (Through a Glass Darkly) / 1961

Ingmar Bergman Skammen (Shame) / 1968

Ingmar Bergman Smultronstället (Wild Strawberries) / 1957

Ingmar Bergman Sommarnattens leende (Smiles of a Summer Night) / 1955

Ingmar Bergman Tystnaden (The Silence) / 1963, USA 1964

Ingmar Bergman Vargtimmen (Hour of the Wolf) / 1968


Busby Berkeley (musical director) Footlight Parade / 1933

Busby Berkeley (musical director) 42nd Street / 1933

Busby Berkeley The Gang’s All Here / 1943

Busby Berkeley (musical director) Wonder Bar / 1934


Greg Berlanti Love, Simon / 2018


Alain Berliner Ma Vie en Rose (My Life in Pink) / 1997

Felix Bernstein and Gabe Rubin Toad and Frog's Egg / 2021


Bernardo Bertolucci La commare secca (The Grim Reaper) / 1962

Bernardo Bertolucci Il conformista (The Conformist) / 1970


Kathryn Bigelow The Hurt Locker / 2008, USA 2009


Mehmet Binay and Canner Alper Zenne Dancer / 2012


Mike Binder Black or White / 2014


Pierre Bismuth Where Is Rocky II? / 2016, USA 2017


Noel Black Pretty Poison / 1968


Shane Black Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang / 2005


J. Stuart Blackton Oliver Twist / 1909


Norah Blaney Miss Norah Blaney / 1932


William Branden Blinn Thirteen Minutes or So / 2008


Per Blom Is-slottet (The Ice Palace) / 1987


Linda Bloodworth-Thomason Bridegroom: A Love Story, Unequaled / 2013

John G. Blystone Dick Turpin / 1925


Al Boasberg  Myrt and Marge / 1933


Budd Boetticher Comanche Station / 1960

Budd Boetticher Decision at Sundown / 1957

Budd Boetticher Ride Lonesome / 1959

Budd Boetticher The Tall T / 1957

Francis Boggs ? The Pasha's Daughter / 1911

Chris Bolan A Secret Love / 2020

Mauro Bolognini La notte brava (The Big Night), a. k. a. Bad Girls Don’t Cry and Night Heat


James Bolton Dream Boy / 2018

Bertrand Bonello Saint Laurent / 2014


Bong Joon-ho 기생충 (Gisaengchung) (Parasite) / 2019

Bong Joon-ho Snowpiercer / 2013


Frank Borzage Liliom / 1930

Frank Borzage Seventh Heaven / 1927


John Boulting Brighton Rock / 1947


Charles Brabin  Stage Mother / 1933


Stan Brakhage Desistfilm / 1954

Stan Brakhage Dog Star Man / 1961-1964

   Prelude / 1962

   Dog Star Man, Part I / 1962

   Dog Star Man, Part II / 1963

   Dog Star Man, Part III / 1964

   Dog Star Man, Part IV / 1964

Stan Brakhage The Extraordinary Child / 1954

Stan Brakhage Interim / 1953

Stan Brakhage Unglassed Windows Cast a Terrible Reflection / 1953

Stan Brakhage The Way to Shadow Garden / 1954

Stan Brakhage Wedlock House: An Intercourse / 1959


Tara Branham Three Decembers / 2020


Paddy Breathnach Viva / 2015


Catherine Breillat Barbe bleue (Bluebeard) / 2009

Catherine Breillat Une vieille maîtresse (The Last Mistress) / 2007


Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. Buddies / 1985

Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. Passing Strangers / 1974, restored 2019


Robert Bresson L’Argent / 1983, USA limited release 1984

Robert Bresson Au Hasard, Blathazar / 1966, USA 1970

Robert Bresson Un condamné à mort s’est échappé ou Le vent soufflé où il veut (A Man Escaped or: The Wind Blows Where It Likes) / 1956, USA 1957

Robert Bresson Les Dames de Bois Boulogne (The Ladies of the Bois Boulogne) / 1945

Robert Bresson Le diable problement (The Devil, Probably) / 1977

Robert Bresson Le Journal d’un cure / 1951, USA 1954

Robert Bresson Mouchette / 1967, USA 1970

Robert Bresson Pickpocket / 1959, USA 1963

Robert Bresson Procès de Jeanne d’Arc (The Trial of Joan of Arc) / 1962, USA 1965


Martin Brest Beverly Hills Cop / 1984


Lino Brocka Ang Tatay Kong Nanay (My Father, My Mother) / 1978

Lino Brocka Maynila sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag (Manila in the Claws of Light) / 1975


Richard Brooks Cat on a Hot Tin Roof / 1958

Richard Brooks Elmer Gantry / 1960

Richard Brooks In Cold Blood / 1967

Richard Brooks Sweet Bird of Youth / 1962


James Broughton Adventures of Jimmy / 1950

James Broughton and Joel Singer Hermes Bird / 1979


Clarence Brown Flesh and the Devil / 1926

Clarence Brown The Human Comedy / 1943

Clarence Brown Intruder in the Dust / 1949


Jeffrey D. Brown What If I’m Gay? / 1987


Lenny Bruce (see Jeffrey Hale)


Charles Bryant Salomé / 1923


David Buckley Saturday Night at the Baths / 1975


Luis Buñuel El Ángel exterminador (The Exterminating Angel) / 1962

Luis Buñuel Belle de Jour / 1967

Luis Buñuel Un chien Andalou / 1929

Luis Buñuel En el viejo Tampico (Gran Casino) / 1947

Luis Buñuel Le journal d'une femme de chambre (Diary of a Chambermaid) / 1964

Luis Buñuel La joven (The Young One) / 1960

Luis Buñuel Cet obscur objet du désir (Ese oscuro objeto del deseo) (That Obscure Object of Desire) / 1977

Luis Buñuel Los Olvidados (The Young and the Damned) 1950

Luis Buñuel Aventuras de Robinson Crusoe (Robinson Crusoe / The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe) / 1954 (US), 1955 (Mexico)

Luis Buñuel Símon del desierto (Simon of the Desert) / 1965

Luis Buñuel Tristana / 1970

Luis Buñuel Virdiana / 1961


Michael Burke Fishbelly White / 1998


Charles Burnett Killer of Sheep / 1977


Nanette Burstein and Brett Moren The Kid Stays in the Picture / 2002


Tim Burton Big Eyes / 2014

Tim Burton Ed Wood / 1994

Tim Burton Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street / 2007


John Butler Handsome Devil / 2016


Michael Cacoyannis The Cherry Orchard / 1999

Michael Cacoyannis Otan ta psaria vgikan sti steria (The Day the Fish Came Out) / 1967

Michael Cacoyannis Αλέξης Ζορμπάς (Zorba the Greek) / 1964


J. C. Calacino Is It Just Me? / 2010


Donald Cammell (see Nicolas Roeg)


Juan José Campanella The Secret in Their Eyes / 2009, USA 2010


Frank Capra Arsenic and Old Lace / 1944

Frank Capra It Happened One Night / 1934

Frank Capra Lady for a Day / 1933

Frank Capra Meet John Doe / 1941

Frank Capra Pocketful of Miracles / 1961


John Carey and Adam Darke Forbidden Games: The Justin Fashanu Story / 2017


Henning Carlsen Sult (Hunger) / 1966


Marcel Carné L’Air de Paris / 1954

Marcel Carné Les Enfants du Paradis (Children of Paradise) / 1945

Marcel Carné Jour se lève (Daybreak) / 1939

Marcel Carné Hôtel du Nord / 1938, US 1940

Marcel Carné Le Quai des brumes (Port of Shadows) / 1938

Marcel Carné Thérèse Raquin / 1953


John Carney Sing Street / 2016


P. J. Castellaneta Relax...It’s Just Sex / 1998


Rick Castro “3. Dr. Chris Teen Sex Surrogate” from Three Faces of Women / 1994


Ralph Ceder The Soilers / 1923


Claude Chabrol Le Beau Serge (Handsome Serge) / 1958

Claude Chabrol Les Biches (Bad Girls/The Does) / 1968

Claude Chabrol Le boucher (The Butcher) / 1970

Claude Chabrol Les Cousins / 1959

Claude Chabrol La Demoiselle d'honneur (The Bridesmaid) / 2004, USA 2006

Claude Chabrol À double tour (Leda) / 1959

Claude Chabrol Merci pour let chocolat / 2000


Youssef Chahine العصفور (Al-Asour) (The Sparrow) /1972

Youssef Chahine باب الحديد‎‎ (Bāb al-Ḥadīd) (Cairo Station) / 1958

Youssef Chahine إسكندرية ليه‎‎, (Iskanderija... lih?) (Alexandria…Why?) / 1979


J. C. Chandor Margin Call / 2011

J. C. Chandor A Most Violent Year / 2014


Charles Chaplin Behind the Screen / 1916

Charles Chaplin The Cure / 1917

Charles Chaplin Easy Street / 1917

Charles Chaplin The Gold Rush / 1925

Charles Chaplin The Immigrant / 1917

Charles Chaplin The Kid / 1920

Charles Chaplin The Masquerader / 1914

Charles Chaplin Modern Times / 1936

Charles Chaplin A Woman / 1915

(see also Mack Sennett)


Ronald Chase Bruges-la-Morte / 1978

Ronald Chase Lulu / 1978


Damien Chazelle La La Land / 2016


Chen Kaige  邊走邊Life on a String / 1991

Chen Kaige Farewell, My Concubine / 1993


Patrice Chéreau Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train (Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train) / 1998


Abigail Child On the Downlow / 2007

Abigail Child Origin of the Species / 2020


Lisa Cholodenko The Kids Are All Right / 2010


Carlos Hugo Christiansen A Intrusa (The Intruder) / 1979

Carlos Hugo Christiansen O Menino e o Vento (The Boy and the Wind) / 1967


Mark Christopher Alkali, Iowa / 1995

Mark Christopher The Dead Boys' Club / 1992


Grigori Chukhrai Баллада о солдате (Ballada o soldate) (Ballad of a Soldier) / 1959, USA 1960


Věra Chytilová Sedmikrásky (Daisies) / 1966, USA 1967


Michael Cimino The Deer Hunter / 1978

Jean-Paul Civeyrac La vie selon Luc (Life According to Luc) / 1991


René Clair I Married a Witch / 1942

René Clair Le Million / 1931

René Clair À Nous la Liberté / 1931


Shirley Clarke The Connection / 1961


Jack Clayton The Innocents / 1961


René Clement Paris brûle-t-il? (Is Paris Burning?) / 1966

René Clement Jeux inerdits (Forbidden Games) / 1952

René Clément Plein soleil (Purple Noon, aka UK, Blazing Sun) 1960, USA 1961


George Clooney Good Night, and Good Luck / 2005


Henri-Georges Clouzot Les Diaboliques (Diabolique) / 1955


Jean Cocteau La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast) / 1946

Jean Cocteau Le Sang d’un poète (The Blood of a Poet) / 1930

Jean Cocteau Orphée (Orpheus) / 1950


Ethan Coen and Joel Coen Barton Fink / 1991

Ethan Coen and Joel Coen Hail, Caesar! / 2016

Ethan Coen and Joel Coen Inside Llewelyn Davis / 2013

Ethan Coen and Joel Coen The Ladykillers / 2004

Ethan Coen and Joel Coen No Country for Old Men / 2007

Ethan Coen and Joel Coen O Brother, Where Art Thou? / 2000

Ethan Coen and Joel Coen A Serious Man / 2009

Ethan Coen and Joel Coen True Grit / 2010


Bill Condon Kinsey / 2004


Stephen Cone Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party / 2015, general release 2016

Stephen Cone Princess Cyd / 2017

Stephen Cone The Wise Kids / 2011


Gregory Cooke $30 / 1999


Christian Coppola Daddy / 2019


Francis Ford Coppola The Conversation / 1974

Francis Ford Coppola The Godfather / 1972

Francis Ford Coppola The Godfather II / 1974

Francis Ford Coppola One from the Heart / 1982


Anton Corbijn A Most Wanted Man / 2014


Charles Crichton The Lavender Hill Mob / 1951

Donald Crisp Ponjola / 1923 || currently unavailable


John Cromwell Caged / 1950

John Cromwell Dead Reckoning / 1947

John Cromwell The Goddess / 1958

John Cromwell The Racket / 1951


Alfonso Cuaron Y Tu Mamá También / 2001


George Cukor A Star Is Born / 1954

George Cukor Sylvia Scarlett / 1935

George Cukor The Wizard of Oz / 1939

George Cukor The Women / 1939


Michael Curtiz Casablanca / 1942

Michael Curtiz White Christmas / 1954

Michael Curtiz Yankee Doddle Dandy / 1942

Michael Curtiz Young Man with a Horn / 1950


Gianni Da Campo Il sapore del grano (The Flavor of Corn) / 1986


Morton DaCosta The Music Man / 1962

Jan Dalchow and Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen Fremragende Timer (Precious Moments) / 2003  


Lee Daniels The Butler (Lee Daniels’ The Butler) / 2013


Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne Deux jours, une nuit (Two Days, One Night) / 2014

Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne Le Gamin au veto (The Kid with a Bike) / 2011, USA


Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne L'Infant / 2005

Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne La Promesse / 1996

Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne Rosetta / 1999

Jean Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne Le silence de Lorna (Lorna's Silence) / 2008, USA 2009


Adam Darke (see John Carey)


Jules Dassin The Naked City / 1948

Jules Dassin Night and the City / 1950

Jules Dassin Du rififi chez les homes (Rififi) / 1955


Byambasuen Davaa and Luigi Falorni Die Geschichte vom weinenden Kamel (The Story of the Weeping Camel) / 2003


Terence Davies The Long Day Closes / 1994

Terence Davies The Deep Blue Sea / 2011, USA 2012


Basil Dean 21 Days / 1940


Luiz de Barros Augusto Anibal Quer Casar (Augusto Anibal Wants to Get Married) / 1923 Lost Film


Luiz de Barros Hot Legs / 1995

Françoise Decaux-Thomelet Enceinte ou lesbienne? (Pregnant or Lesbian) / 1996


Tom DeCerchio Nunzio’s Second Cousin / 1994


Shannon Deeby RSVP / 2016


Bavo Defurne Matroos (Sailor) / 1997


Steve De Jarnatt Miracle Mile / 1988


Benoît Delépine and Gustave de Kervern Aaltra / 2004


Álvaro Delgado-Aparicio Retablo / 2017


Roy Del Ruth Broadway Melody of 1936 / 1935

Roy Del Ruth The Maltese Falcon / 1931


Jean Delannoy Les amitiés particulières (This Special Friendship) / 1964


Cecil B. DeMille Cleopatra / 1934


Pseudonymous group listed as G.G.R.C. (director listed as Connie B. De Mille) Always on Sunday / 1962

Jacques Demy La baie des anges (Bay of Angels) / 1963

Jacques Demy Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (The Young Girls of Rochefort) / 1967

Jacques Demy L'Événement le plus important depuis que l'homme a marché sur la Lune (A Slightly Pregnant Man) / 1973

Jacques Demy Les horizons mort (Dead Horizons) / 1951

Jacques Demy Lola / 1961

Jacques Demy Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg) / 1964

Jacques Demy Peau d'Âne (Donkey Skin) / 1970

Jacques Demy Model Shop / 1969


Peter de Rome Encounter, or Paul & Richard & Michael & David & Alan & Buddy & Hugo & Tom & Terry & Peter & Richard & Carlos / 1970


Vittorio De Sica Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini (The Garden of the Finzi-Continis) / 1970, USA 1971

Vittorio De Sica Ladri di Biciciette (The Bicycle Thief / Bicycle Thieves) / 1948, USA 1949

Vittorio De Sica Umberto D. / 1952, USA 1955


Adrien Dezalay, Emmanuel Delabaere, and Simon Philippe The Red Drum Getaway / 2015


William Dickson The Dickson Experimental Sound Film / 1894 or 1895


William Dieterle Dark City / 1950

William Dieterle Geschlecht in Fesseln (Sex in Chains) / 1928

William Dieterle (see Max Reinhardt)


John Francis Dillon Call Her Savage / 1932


Mati Diop Snow Canon / 2011


Disney Studios Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (see David Hand)


Edward Dmytryk Christ in Concrete (a.k.a. Give Us This Day) / 1949


Xavier Dolan J'ai tué ma mère (I Killed My Mother) / 2009


Tom Donaghy The Dadshuttle / 1994, 1996 general release

Tom Donagy Story of a Bad Boy / 1999


Stanley Donen Charade / 1963

Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly It’s Always Fair Weather / 1955

Stanley Donen The Royal Wedding / 1951

Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain / 1952

Stanley Donen (see also George Abbott)


Arthur Dong Coming Out Under Fire / 1994


Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck Des Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others) / 2006


Martin Donovan Apartment Zero / 1988, general release 1989


Robert Dornhelm Echo Park / 1985

Mikhail Doronin (see Vsevolod Meyerhold)


Bill Douglas Come Dancing / 1970


Alexsandr Dovzhenko Арсенал (Arsenal) / 1928

Alexsandr Dovzhenko Zemlya (Earth) / 1930


Sidney Drew A Florida Enchantment / 1914


Carl Theodor Dreyer Du skal ære din hustru (Master of the House) / 1925

Carl Theodor Dreyer Gertrud / 1964, USA 1966

Carl Theodor Dreyer Mikaël (Michael) / 1924

Carl Theodor Dreyer Ordet (The Word) / 1955

Carl Theodor Dreyer La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc (The Passion of Joan of Arc) / 1928

Carl Theodor Dreyer Vredens Dag (Day of Wrath) / 1943


Sara Driver You Are Not I / 1981, restored 2011

François Dupeyron Et alors? (So What?) / 1996


Jacques Duron Une histoire sans importance (A History of No Importance) a.k.a History

     Without Importance / 1980


Clea DuVall Happiest Season / 2020


Robert Duvall The Apostle / 1997


Julien Duvivier (with Victor Fleming and Josef von Sternberg) The Great Waltz / 1938

Julien Duvivier Lydia / 1941

Julien Duvivier Au Royaume des cieux (The Kingdom of Heaven), a. k. a. The Sinners / 1949


Allan Dwan Robin Hood / 1922


Clint Eastwood Flags of our Fathers / 2006

Clint Eastwood J. Edgar / 2011

Clint Eastwood Jersey Boys / 2014

Clint Eastwood Letters from Iwo Jima / 2006

Clint Eastwood Mystic River / 2003


P. David Ebersole Death in Venice, CA / 1994


Karl Eccleston and Brian Fairbairn Putting on the Dish / 2015


Blake Edwards Victor/Victoria / 1982


Robert Eggers The Lighthouse / 2019


Atom Egoyan The Adjuster / 1991

Atom Egoyan Guest of Honour / 2019, USA 2020

Atom Egoyan Krapp's Last Tape / 2000


Sergei Eisenstein Bronosets Potemkin (Battleship Potemkin) / 1925

Sergei Eisenstein Oktyabr': Desyat' dney kotorye potryasli (October: Ten Days That Shook the World) / 1927, USA 1928


Nick Eliot (Nicholas Ursin) Behind Every Good Woman.... / c.1967


Stephan Elliot The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert / 1994


Roland Emmerich Independence Day / 1996


Ray Enright The Tenderfoot / 1932


Ildikó Enyedi Testről és lélekről (On Body and Soul) / 2017


Victor Erice El sepíritu de la colmena (The Spirit of the Beehive) / 1973


Metin Erksan Susuz Yaz (Dry Summer) / 1964, USA 1967


John Erman An Early Frost / 1985


Martin Escoffier (see Victor Habcy)


Pierre Étaix Le Grand Amour (The Great Love) / 1969

Pierre Étaix Heureux Anniversare (Happy Anniversary) / 1962, USA 1963

Pierre Étaix Yo Yo / 1965, USA 1967


Heidi Ewing I Carry You with Me (Te Llevo Conmigo) / 2020

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady One of Us / 2017


Sam Feder Disclosure / 2020


Brian Fairbairn (see Karl Eccleston)


John Farrow Five Came Back / 1939


Rainer Werner Fassbinder Der amerikanische Soldat (The American Soldier) / 1970

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Angst essen Seel auf (Ali: Fear Eats the Soul) / 1974

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Angst vor der Agnst (Fear of Fear) / 1975, USA 1976

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Berlin Alexanderplatz / 1980, USA 1983

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Bolwieser (The Stationmaster’s Wife) / 1977, USA film version 1982

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant (The Bitter Tears of Petra van Kant) / 1972, USA 1973

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Die Dritte Generation (The Third Generation) / 1979

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Die Ehe der Maria Braun (The Marriage of Maria Braun) / 1978,USA 1979

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Effi Briest / 1974, USA 1977

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Faustrecht der Freiheit (Fo x and His Friends) / 1975, USA 1976

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Götter der Pest (Gods of the Plague) / 1970, USA 1977

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Händler der vier Jahreszeiten (The Merchant of Four Seasons) / 1971

Rainer Werner Fassbinder In einen Jahr mit 13 Monden (In a Year with 13 Moons) / 1978

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Katzelmacher / 1969

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Liebe ist kälter als de Tod (Love Is Colder Than Death) / 1969

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Lola / 1981

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Martha / 1974, USA 1994

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Mutter Küsters' Fahrt zum Himmel (Mother Küsters' Trip to Heaven/ 1975, USA 1977

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Pioniere in Ingolstadt (Pioneers in Ingolstadt) / 1971

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Eine Reise ins Licht (Despair) / 1978

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Rio das Mortes / 1971

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss (Veronika Voss) / 1982

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Warnung vor einer heiligen Nutte (Beware of a Holy Whore) / 1971

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Warum läuft Herr R. amok (Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?) / 1970

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Welt am Draht (World on a Wire) / 1973

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Whity / 1971


Federico Fellini Amarcord / 1973, USA 1974

Federico Fellini Il bidone (The Swindlers) / 1955, USA 1964

Federico Fellini La Dolce Vita / 1960, USA 1961

Federico Fellini Fellini Satyricon / 1969, USA 1970

Federico Fellini 8 1/2 / 1963

Federico Fellini Giulietta degli spiriti (Juliet of the Spirits) / 1965

Federico Fellini and Alberto Lattuado Luci del varietà (Variety Lights) / 1950, USA 1965

Federico Fellini Le notti di Cabiria (Nights of Cabiria) / 1957

Federico Fellini La Strada (The Road) / 1954, USA 1956

Federico Fellini I Vitelloni / 1953


Louis Feuillade Le Récit du colonel (The Colonel’s Account) / 1907

Louis Feuillade Une Dame vraiment bien (A Very Fine Lady) / 1908

Louis Feuillade Le Printemps (Spring) / 1909

Louis Feuillade Possession de L’Enfant (Custody of the Child) / 1909

Louis Feuillade La Feé des grèves (The Fairy in the Surf) 1909

Louis Feuillade L’Orgie romaine (The Roman Orgy) 1911

Louis Feuillade La Tare (The Defect) / 1911

Louis Feuillade Le Trust, ou les batailles de l’argent (The Trust, or the Battles for the Money) / 1911

Louis Feuillade Le Coeur et L’Argent (The Heart and the Money) 1912

Louis Feuillade La Hantise (The Obsession) / 1912

Louis Feuillade Erreur tragique (Tragic Error) / 1912

Louis Feuillade L’Agonie de Byzance (The Agony of Byzance) / 1913

Louis Feuillade Bout de Zan vole un éléphant (Bout de Zan Steals an Elephant) / 1913


Jacques Feyder La Kermesse héroïque (Carnival in Flanders) / 1935


Glenn Ficarra and John Requa I Love You Phillip Morris / 2009, USA 2010


Roberto Fiesco Actos impuros (Unclean Acts) a.k.a. Lewd Acts / 1993

Roberto Fiesco David / 2005

Roberto Fiesco Trémulo (Trembling) a.k.a Carlos and Julio / 2015


Kleber Mendonça Filho Aquarius / 2016

Kleber Mendonça Filho O soma o redor (Neighboring Sounds) / 2012


Nigel Finch The Lost Language of Cranes / 1991, 1992 general British TV release


David Fincher The Curious Case of Benjamin Button / 2008

David Fincher The Social Network / 2010


Jon Fitgerald Apart from Hugh / 1994


Richard Fleischer Compulsion / 1959


George S. Fleming (see Edwin S. Porter)


Victor Fleming (with Julien Duvivier and Josef von Sternberg) The Great Waltz / 1938

Victor Fleming The Wizard of Oz / 1939


Anne Fontaine Les Innocentes (The Innocents) / 2016

Anne Fontaine Tapin du soir (Night Hustler) / 1996


John Ford Four Sons / 1928

John Ford The Grapes of Wrath / 1940

John Ford My Darling Clementine / 1946 [pre-release version]

John Ford The Searchers / 1956

John Ford The Whole Town’s Talking / 1935

Tom Ford A Single Man / 2009


Marc Forster Monster's Ball / 2001


Bill Forsyth Local Hero / 1983


David Fourier Des majorettes dans l’espace (Marjorettes in Space) / 1996


Etyan Fox Sublet / 2020


Michelangelo Frammartino Le Quattro Volte (The Four Times) / 2010, USA 2011


David France The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson / 2017


James Franco Sal / 2011


George Franju Les yeux xans verge (Eyes without a Face) / 1960, USA 1962


John Frankenheimer The Manchurian Candidate / 1962

John Frankenheimer Seconds / 1966

John Frankenheimer Seven Days in May / 1964


Irwyn Franklin Harlem Is Heaven / 1932


Stephen Frears Florence Foster Jenkins / 2016

Stephen Frears My Beautiful Laundrette / 1985

Stephen Frears Philomena / 2013

Stephen Frears Prick Up Your Ears / 1987

Stephen Frears The Queen / 2006


Thornton Freeland Flying Down to Rio / 1933


Lloyd French That’s My Wife / 1929


William Friedkin The Birthday Party / 1968

William Friedkin The Boys in the Band / 1971

Dan Futterman Capote / 2005


Hannah Gadsby, John Olb, and Madeleine Parry Douglas / 2020

Hannah Gadsby Nanette / 2018


Abel Gance La Fin du monde (End of the World) / 1931

Abel Gance La Roue (The Wheel) / 1923


Liz Garbus What Happened, Miss Simone? / 2015


Jack Garfein The Strange One / 1957


Matteo Garrone Gomorrah / 2008, USA 2009

Matteo Garrone Reality / 2012


Mark Gasper An Empty Bed / 1988


Roberto Gavaldón Macario / 1960


Julie Gavras La Faute à fidel! (Blame It on Fidel!) / 2006


Arthur Gay Lipstick / 2019


Jean Genet Un chant d’amour / 1950


Greta Gerwig Lady Bird / 2017

Greta Gerwig Little Women / 2019

Constantine Giannaris Caught Looking / 1991


Alex Gibney Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief / 2015


Don Gilroy Nightcrawler / 2014


Francois Girard Thirty Two Short Films about Glenn Gould / 1993


Jean-Luc Godard Bande à Part (Band of Outsiders / The Outsiders) / 1964

Jean-Luc Godard À bout Soufflè (Breathless) / 1960

Jean-Luc Godard Alphaville: Une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution (Alphaville: A Strange   Adventure of Lemmy Caution) / 1965

Jean-Luc Godard Une femme mariée (A Married Woman) / 1964

Jean-Luc Godard Le mélpris (Contempt) / 1963

Jean-Luc Godard Pierrot le Fou / 1965, USA 1969

Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin Tout va bien (All's Well) / 1972

Jean-Luc Godard Masculin Feminin (Masculine Feminine) / 1966

Jean-Luc Godard Tous les garçons s'appellent Patrick (All the Boys Are Named Patrick) / 1957

Jean-Pierre Gorin and Jean-Luc Godard Tout va bien (All's Well) / 1972

Jean-Luc Godard Vivre sa Vie / 1962, USA 1963


Peter Godfrey Christmas in Connecticut / 1945


Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Me and Earl and the Dying Girl / 2015


Alejandro González Iñárritu Birdman / 2014


A.P. Gonzalez Clay Farmers / 1988


Zac Goold Out / 2020


Michael Gordon Pillow Talk / 1959


Jean-Pierre Gorin and Jean-Luc Godard Tout va bien (All's Well) / 1972


John Gorrie The Picture of Dorian Gray / 1976


Gosho Heinosuke Osorezan no onna (An Innocent Witch / Woman of Osore Mountain) / 1965


Jason Gould Inside Out / 1997


Edmund Goulding Dark Victory / 1939

Edmund Goulding Grand Hotel / 1932

Edmund Goulding The Great Lie / 1941

Edmund Goulding Nightmare Alley / 1947

Edmund Goulding The Old Maid / 1939


Rachel Grady (see Heidi Ewing)


Bradley Rust Gray Hitch / 1999


Alfred E. Green Baby Face / 1933


Peter Greenaway Eisenstein in Guanajuato / 2015, USA general 2016


Colin Gregg We Think the World of You / 1988


Jean Grémillon Le ciel est à vous / 1944

Jean Grémillon Gueule d’Amour (Lady Killer) / 1937

Jean Grémillon Lumiere d’Été (Summer Light) / 1943

Jean Grémillon Remorques (Stormy Waters) / 1941


John Greyson Les Feluettes (Lilies) / 1996


Giuseppe Patroni Griffi Il Mare (The Sea) / 1962


Jan Gruyaert De vlaschaard (The Flaxfield) / 1983, USA 1985


Luca Guadagino Call Me by Your Name / 2017


Robert Guédigiguian La Ville est tranquille (The Town Is Quiet) / 2000


Ciro Guerra El abrazo de la serpiente (Embrace of the Serpent) / 2015


Fred Guiol Why Girls Like Sailors / 1927


Alain Guiradie L'Inconnu du lac (The Stranger by the Lake) / 2013


Henry Schenck, Edward Warren, and Alice Guy Algie the Miner / 1912

Alice Guy(-Blaché) Au bal de Flore (At the Floral Ball) / 1900

Alice Guy(-Blaché) Le depart d’Arlequin et de Pierrette (Le Fredaines de Pierrette) (Pierrette’s Escapades) / 1900


Victor Habcy and Martin Escoffier Un frère (A Brother) / 2018


William Haddock Billy and His Pal / 1911


Andrew Haigh 45 Years / 2015

Andrew Haigh Weekend / 2011


Jeffrey Hale (with Lenny Bruce) Thank You Mask Man / 1971


Alexander Hall Here Comes Mr. Jordan / 1941

Alexander Hall Little Miss Marker / 1934


Lasse Hallström Mitt Liv Som Hund (My Life as a Dog) / 1985

Lasse Hallström What’s Eating Gilbert Grape / 1993


David Hand (and others) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs / 1937


Michael Haneke Amour / 2012

Michael Haneke Caché (Hidden) / 2005

Michael Haneke Code inconnu: Récit incomplete de divers voyages (Code Unknown:Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys) / 2000

Michael Haneke La Pianiste (The Piano Teacher) / 2001, USA 2002

Michael Haneke Das Schloß (The Castle) / 1997, USA 1998

Michael Haneke Das weisse Band—Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte (The White Ribbon) / 2009


Susumu Hani Hatsukoi: Jigoku-hen (Nanami: The Inferno of First Love), 1968, USA 1969


Sean Hanley (see Jesse Archer)


Hugh Harman Ride Him, Bosko! / 1932


Mahamat-Saleh Haroun Bye Bye Africa / 1999

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun Grigris / 2013


Curtis Harrington The Assignation / 1953

Curtis Harrington Picnic / 1948


Wojciech Has Rękopis znaleziony w Saragossie (The Saragossa Manuscript) / 1965, restored          version, 2001


Byron Haskin War of the Worlds / 1953


Henry Hathaway Peter Ibbestson / 1935


Stefan Haupt Der Kreis (The Circle) / 2014, USA 2015


Howard Hawks Bringing Up Baby / 1938

Howard Hawks El Dorado / 1966

Howard Hawks I Was a Male War Bride / 1949

Howard Hawks Red River / 1948

Howard Hawks Rio Bravo / 1959

Howard Hawks Rio Lobo / 1970

Howard Hawks To Have and Have Not / 1944

Howard Hawks Twentieth Century / 1934


Todd Haynes Carol / 2015

Todd Haynes Dottie Gets Spanked / 1993

Todd Haynes Far From Heaven / 2002

Todd Haynes Poison / 1991

Todd Haynes Velvet Goldmine / 1998


Michael Hazanavicius The Artist / 2011


Victor Heermann Animal Crackers / 1930


Jake Helgren Dashing in December / 2020


Stefen Henszelman Venner for altid (Friends Forever) / 1987


Andrew Herbert Song of the Loon / 1970


Julián Hernández Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo (Raging Sun, Raging Sky) / 2009


Werner Herzog Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (Aguirre, The Wrath of God) / 1972, US 1977

Werner Herzog Auch Zwerge haen lein angefangen (Even Dwarfs Started Small) / 1970, USA 1971

Werner Herzog Fitzcarraldo / 1982

Werner Herzog Grizzly Man / 2005

Werner Herzog Jeder für Sich und Gott gegen alle (The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser) / 1974, USA 1975

Werner Herzog Stroszek / 1977

Werner Herzog Woyzeck / 1976


Jared Hess Nacho Libre / 2006


Douglas Hickox Entertaining Mr. Sloane / 1970


George Roy Hill The World of Henry Orient / 1964


Arthur Hiller Making Love / 1982

Arthur Hiller Plaza Suite / 1971


Henry Hills Bali Mécanique / 1994

Henry Hills Electricity / 2007

Henry Hills Failed States / 2008

Henry Hills Goa Lawah / 1992

Henry Hills Kino Da! / 1980

Henry Hills Little Lieutenant / 1994

Henry Hills Money / 1985

Henry Hills Porter Springs 3 / 1977

Henry Hills Porter Springs 4 / 1999

Henry Hills SSS / 1988


Alfred Hitchcock Blackmail / 1929

Alfred Hitchcock Champagne / 1928

Alfred Hitchcock Dial M for Murder / 1954

Alfred Hitchcock Foreign Correspondent / 1940

Alfred Hitchcock I Confess! / 1953

Alfred Hitchcock Jamaica Inn / 1939

Alfred Hitchcock Juno and the Paycock / 1930

Alfred Hitchcock The Lady Vanishes / 1938

Alfred Hitchcock The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog / 1927

Alfred Hitchcock Mr. & Mrs. Smith / 1941

Alfred Hitchcock North by Northwest / 1959

Alfred Hitchcock Notorious / 1946

Alfred Hitchcock Psycho / 1960

Alfred Hitchcock Rear Window / 1954

Alfred Hitchcock Rebecca / 1940

Alfred Hitchcock Rebecca / 1940 [LGBTQ reading]

Alfred Hitchcock Rope / 1948

Alfred Hitchcock Sabotage / 1936

Alfred Hitchcock Shadow of a Doubt / 1943

Alfred Hitchcock Spellbound / 1945

Alfred Hitchcock Stage Fright / 1950

Alfred Hitchcock Strangers on a Train / 1951

Alfred Hitchcock Suspicion / 1941

Alfred Hitchcock The 39 Steps / 1935

Alfred Hitchcock To Catch a Thief / 1955

Alfred Hitchcock Torn Curtain / 1966

Alfred Hitchcock The Trouble with Harry / 1955

Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo / 1958

Alfred Hitchcock The Wrong Man / 1956


P. J. Hogan Muriel's Wedding / 1994, USA 1995


Mike Hoolboom Frank’s Cock / 1993


Tom Hooper The King's Speech / 2010

Tom Hopper Les Misérables / 2012


Ron Howard Frost/Nixon / 2008

Ron Howard Rebuilding Paradise / 2020


Hsiao-hsien Hou Le Voyage du Ballon rouge (Flight of the Red Balloon) / 2007


John Huston Key Largo / 1948

John Huston The Night of the Iguana / 1964

John Huston Reflections of a Golden Eye / 1987

John Huston Under the Volcano / 1984

John Huston Wise Blood / 1979


Armando Iannucci The Death of Stalin / 2018


Juan Luis Iborra (see Yolanda García Serrano)


Kon Ichikawa The Burmese Harp / 1956, USA 1967

Kon Ichikawa 炎上 Enjō (Conflagration) / 1958

Kon Ichikawa Nobi (Fires on the Plain) / 1959

Kon Ichikawa Otōto (Her Brother) / 1960

Kon Ichikawa Sasme-yuki (The Makioka Sisters) / 1983

Kon Ichikawa Yukinojo henge (An Actor's Revenge) / 1963


Shōhei Imamura Erogotoshi-tachi yori: Jinrulgaku nyūmori (The Pornographers) / 1966

Shōhei Imamura Guta to gunkan (Pigs and Battleships) / 1961, USA 1963

Welby Ings Boy / 2004, 2005 USA


Otar Iosseliani Ap'rili (April) /1961, released 1972

Otar Iosseliani Giorgobistve (Falling Leaves) / 1966


Isidore Isou Traité de bave et d’éternité (Treatise on Venom and Eternity) / 1952


James Ivory Howards End / 1992

James Ivory Maurice / 1987

James Ivory The Remains of the Day / 1993


Mick Jackson L.A. Story / 1991


Stanley Jackson Coronet at Night / 1963


Lane Janger Just One Time / 1998 (short)

Lane Janger Just One Time / 1999 (feature)


Derek Jarman Caravaggio / 1986

Derek Jarman Edward II / 1991

Derek Jarman The Queen Is Dead / 1986

Derek Jarman and Paul Humfress Sebastiane / 1976


Barry Jenkins Moonlight / 2016


Norman Jewison Send Me No Flowers / 1964


Jaromil Jireš Sál ztracených kroků (The Hall of Lost Footsteps) / 1960

Jaromil Jireš Stopy (Footprints) / 1961

Jaromil Jireš Strejda (Uncle) / 1959

Jaromil Jireš Zert (The Joke) / 1969


Ernst Johansen (see Lasse Nielsen)


Lamont Johnson That Certain Summer / 1972


Chuck Jones Duck Amok / 1953

Chuck Jones One Froggy Evening / 1955

Chuck Jones Rabbit of Seville / 1950

Chuck Jones Rabbit Seasoning / 1952

Chuck Jones Wearing of the Grin / 1951


David C. Jones Caught / 2008


Harmon Jones Bloodhounds of Broadway / 1952


Tommy Lee Jones The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada / 2005


Jonesy Fiend / 1994


Glenn Jordan Mass Appeal  / 1984


Neil Jordan The Crying Game / 1992

Neil Jordan Mona Lisa / 1986

Neil Jordan Not I / 2000


Michele Josue Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine / 2014, USA general release 2015


Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos Obchod na korze (The Shop on Main Street, previously titled The Shop on High Street) / 1965


Richard C. Kahn The Third Sex / 1934 Lost Film


Mikhail Kalatozov Летят журавли (Letyat zhuravli) (The Cranes Are Flying) / 1957, USA 1960


Tom Kalin Swoon / 1992


Marek Kanievsky Another Country / 1984


Garson Kanin My Favorite Wife / 1940


Chiani Karasawa Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me / 2014


Daniel G. Karslake For They Know Not What They Do / 2020


Joseph Kaufman The Amazons / 1917 Lost Film


Jerzy Kawalerowicz Faraon (Pharaoh) / 1966, USA 1977


Elia Kazan Baby Doll / 1956

Elia Kazan A Face in the Crowd / 1957

Elia Kazan Gentleman’s Agreement / 1947

Elia Kazan On the Waterfront / 1954


Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman The General / 1927

Buster Keaton and Edward F. Cline One Week / 1920

Buster Keaton and John G. Blystone Our Hospitality / 1923

Buster Keaton Sherlock, Jr. / 1924

Buster Keaton and Charles Reisner Steamboat Bill, Jr. / 1928

Buster Keaton and Edward Sedgwick The Cameraman / 1928


William Keighley The Man Who Came to Dinner / 1942


Sarah Kernochan (see Smith)


Anna Kerrigan Cowboys / 2020


Gustave de Kerver and Benoît Delépine Aaltra / 2004


Abbas Kiarostami Copie Conforme (Certified Copy) / 2010

Abbas Kiairostami کلوزآپ ، نمای نزدیک‎‎ (Klūzāp, nemā-ye nazdīk) (Close-Up) / 1990

Abbas Kiarostami ライク・サムワン・イン・ラブ Raiku Samuwan in Rabu (Like Someone in Love) / 2012, USA (general release) 2013

Abbas Kiarostami Shirin / 2008

Abbas Kiarostami طعم گيلاس...‎‎ (Taste of Cherry) / 1997

Abbas Kiarostami خانه دوست کجاست‎‎ (Khane-ye doust kodjast) (Where Is the Friend’s Home?)1987


Krzysztof Kieślowski Trois couleurs: Bleu (Three Colors: Blue) / 1993

Krzysztof Kieślowski Trois couleurs: Blanc (Three Colors: White) / 1994

Krzysztof Kieślowski Trois couleurs: Rouge (Three Colors: Red) / 1994


Kim Ki-young 하녀 (The Housemaid) / 1960


Henry King Tol’able David / 1921


Marco Leão and André Santos Pedro / 2016


Robert Lee King The Disco Years / 1991


Keisuke Kinoshita 死闘の伝説 (Shitô no densetsu) (A Legend or Was It?) / 1963


Teinosuke Kinugasa Jigokumon (Gate of Hell) / 1953, USA 1954


Dimitri Kirsanoff Arrière-saison (Backward Season) / 1950

Dimitri Kirsanoff Mérilmontant / 1926


Randal Kleiser Grease / 1978


Elmar Klos (see Ján Kadár)


Alexander Kluge Abschied von Gestern (Yesterday’s Girl) / 1966


Alexander Korda The Ideal Husband / 1947, USA 1948

Alexander Korda The Wedding Rehearsal / 1932


Hirokazu Kore-eda Shoshite chichi ni naru (Like Father, Like Son) / 2013, USA 2014

Hirokazu Kore-eda 海街diary (Our Little Sister) / 2015, USA 2016

Hirokazu Kore-eda  歩いても 歩いても (Aruitemo aruitemo) (Still Walking) / 2008


Henry Koster The Bishop's Wife / 1947


Tamara Kotevska (see Ljubomir Stefanov)


Stanley Kramer Inherit the Wind / 1960


Wayne Kramer The Cooler / 2002


Suri Krishnamma A Man of No Importance / 1994


Jennifer M. Krott It Came from Kuchar / 2009

Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen (see Jan Dalchow)


Stanley Kubrick Dr. Strangelove or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb / 1964

Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey / 1968


George and Mike Kuchar

     Meltdown / 20212

     The Stranger in Apartment 9F / 1998

     Fallen Angels / 2013

     I Was a Teenage Rumpot / 1960

     Sylvia’s Promise / 1962

     Cattle Mutilations / 1983

     Temple of Torment / 2006


Aki Kurismäki Ariel / 1988, USA 1990

Aki Kurismäki Kauas pilvet karkaavat (Drifting Clouds) / 1996

Aki Kurismäki Le Havre / 2011

Aki Kurismäki La Vie de Bohème (The Bohemian Life) / 1992


Akira Kurosawa 赤ひげ Akahige (Red Beard) / 1965, USA 1966

Akira Kurosawa どん底 (Donzoko) (The Lower Depths) / 195

Akira Kurosawa 生き Ikiru (To Live) / 1952

Akira Kurosawa 野良 Nora inu (Stray Dog) / 1949, USA 1963

Akira Kurosawa 羅生門, Rashōmon (Rashoman) / 1950, USA 1951

Akira Kurosawa 七人の侍, Shichinin no Samurai (Seven Samurai) / 1954

Akira Kurosawa 天国と地 Tengoku to Jigoku (High and Low) / 1963

Akira Kurosawa 蜘蛛巣城 (Throne of Blood) / 1957

Akira Kurosawa 酔いどれ天使, Yoidore tenshi (Drunken Angel) / 1948, USA 1959

Akira Kurosawa 用心棒 Yōjinbō (Yojimbo) / 1961


Kiyoshi KurosawaトウキョウソナTokyo Sonata / 2008, USA 2009


Emir Kusturica Otac na službenom putu (When Father Was Away on Business) / 1985

Emir Kusturica Sjećaš li se Doli Bel? (Do You Remember Dolly Bell?) / 1981, USA 1986


Gregory La Cava My Man Godfrey / 1936

Gregory La Cava Stage Door / 1950


Olivier Lallart PD (Fag) / 2019


Robert Lambert Follow You Follow Me / 1979


Albert Lamorisse Le Ballon rouge (The Red Balloon) / 1956


John Landis Into the Night / 1985


Fritz Lang The Big Heat / 1953

Fritz Lang House by the River / 1950

Fritz Lang M / 1931, USA 1933

Fritz Lang Metropolis / 1927

Fritz Lang Spione (Spies) / 1927, USA 1928

Fritz Lang While the City Sleeps / 1956


Walter Lang The Desk Set / 1957

Walter Lang The King and I / 1956


Giogos Lanthimos Άλπεις (Alps) / 2011

Giogos Lanthimos Κυνόδοντας Dogtooth / 2009, USA 2010

Giogos Lanthimos The Favourite / 2018

Giogos Lanthimos The Killing of a Sacred Dear / 2017

Giogos Lanthimos The Lobster / 2015, USA 2016


Claude Lanzmann Shoah / 1985


Alberto Lattuada and Federico Fellini Luci del varietà (Variety Lights) / 1950, USA 1965

Alberto Lattuada Il Capotto (The Overcoat), 1952, USA 1953


Charles Laughton The Night of the Hunter / 1955


Philip Leacock Escapade / 1955, USA 1957


David Lean Blithe Spirit / 1945

David Lean Brief Encounter / 1945, USA 1946

David Lean Great Expectations / 1946

David Lean Hobson’s Choice / 1954

David Lean Oliver Twist / 1948, USA 1951


Ang Lee Brokeback Mountain / 2005


Rowland V. Lee Son of Frankenstein / 1939


Mike Leigh Another Year / 2010

Mike Leigh Mr. Turner / 2014

Mike Leigh Topsy-Turvy / 1999


Mitchell Leisen No Man of Her Own / 1950


Claude Lelouch Un Homme et une Femme (A Man and a Woman) / 1966


Jean-Baptiste Léonetti Carré blanc / 2011


Diego Lerman Tan de repente (Suddenly) / 2002


Mervyn LeRoy Gypsy / 1962

Mervyn LeRoy The Wizard of Oz / 1939


Jailil Lespart Yves Saint Laurent / 2014


Richard Lester The Ritz / 1976


Don Levy Herostratus /1967


Marcel L'Herbier L'Argent / 1928, released 1929


Harry Lighton Wren Boys / 2018


Richard Linklater Before Midnight / 2013

Richard Linklater Before Sunrise / 1995

Richard Linklater Before Sunset / 2004

Richard Linklater Bernie / 2011, US general distribution, 2012

Richard Linklater Boyhood / 2014

Richard Linklater School of Rock / 2003


Anatole Litvak All This, and Heaven Too / 1940

Antaole Litvak Mayerling / 1936

Anatole Litvak Sorry, Wrong Number / 1948


Jennie Livingston Paris Is Burning / festival premier 1990, general release 1991


Frank Lloyd Oliver Twist / 1922


Phyllida Lloyd Mamma Mia! / 2008


Joshua Logan South Pacific / 1958


Kenneth Lonergan Manchester by the Sea / 2016


Stan LoPresto Sticks and Stones / 1969


Joseph Losey Accident / 1967

Joseph Losey The Damned (These Are the Damned) / 1963, USA 1965

Joseph Losey The Servant / 1963

Joseph Losey Time without Pity / 1957


Sigmund Lubin Meet Me At the Fountain / 1904


Ernst Lubitsch Angel / 1937

Ernst Lubitsch Die Austernprinzessin (The Oyster Princess) / 1919

Ernst Lubitsch Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife / 1938

Ernst Lubitsch Ich möchte kein Mann sein (I Don’t Want to Be a Man) / 1918

Ernst Lubitsch The Love Parade / 1929

Ernst Lubitsch The Marriage Circle / 1924

Ernst Lubitsch Ninotchka / 1939

Ernst Lubitsch Die Puppe (The Doll) / 1919

Ernst Lubitsch The Shop Around the Corner / 1940

Ernst Lubitsch The Smiling Lieutenant / 1931

Ernst Lubitsch Trouble in Paradise / 1932


Sharlin Lucia In einem moment (In a Moment) / 2019


Charles Ludlam Museum of Wax / 1981-1987, remastered 2010


Sidney Lumet Dog Day Afternoon / 1975

Sidney Lumet Fail-Safe / 1964

Sidney Lumet Long Day’s Journey into Night / 1962

Sidney Lumet 12 Angry Men / 1957

Sidney Lumet A View from the Bridge / 1962


Rod Lurie The Contender / 2000


Laurie Lynd RSVP / 1991

Hettie Macdonald Beautiful Thing (1996)


Alexander Mackendrick A High Wind in Jamaica / 1965

Alexander Mackendrick Sweet Smell of Success / 1957


Kenneth Macpherson Borderline / 1930


Harry Macqueen Supernova / 2020, 2021 general release


John Madden The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel / 2011, USA 2012

John Madden Shakespeare in Love / 1998


Guy Maddin Brand on the Brain! / 2006

Guy Maddin The Forbidden Room / 2015

Guy Maddin Keyhole / 2011, USA general 2012

Guy Maddin My Winnipeg / 2007

Guy Maddin The Saddest Music in the World / 2003, USA 2004

Guy Maddin Sissy Boy Slap Party / 1994 (lost), remade 2004


Albert Magnoli Purple Rain / 1984

Stewart Main My First Suit / 1985 

Stewart Main Te Keremutunga o Nga Atua (Twilight of the Gods) / 1996


Dušan Makavejev Nevinost bez zaštite (Innocence Unprotected) / 1968


Terence Malick The Tree of Life / 2011


Louis Malle Au revoir les enfants / 1987

Louis Malle Les Amants (The Lovers) / 1958

Louis Malle Ascenseur pour l'échafaud (Elevator to the Gallows) / 1958

Louis Malle L’Inde Fantôme (Phantom India) / 1969

Louis Malle Lacombe, Lucien / 1974

Louis Malle My Dinner with Andre / 1981

Louis Malle Le souffle au cœur (Murmur of the Heart) / 1971

Louis Malle Zazie dans de métro (Zazie in the Metro) / 1960


Djibril Diop Mambéty Touki Bouki (The Journey of the Hyenas) / 1973


Rouben Mamoulian Queen Christina / 1933


Joseph L. Mankiewicz The Ghost and Mrs. Muir / 1947

Joseph L. Mankiewicz Guys and Dolls / 1955

Joseph L. Mankiewicz The Quiet American / 1958

Joseph L. Mankiewicz Suddenly, Last Summer / 1959


Daniel Mann Lost in the Stars / 1972


Michael Mann Public Enemies / 2009


Joe Mantello The Boys in the Band / 2020

Alberto Mariscal Los marcados (They Call Him Marcado) / 1971


Chris Marker L’ambassade (The Embassy) / 1973

Chris Marker La Jetée (The Jetty) / 1962

Chris Marker Sans Soleil (Sunless) / 1983


Gregory J. Markopoulos Bliss / 1967

Gregory J. Markopoulos Christmas, USA / 1949

Gregory J. Markopoulos Gammelion / 1968

Gregory J. Markopoulos Twice a Man / 1963


George Marshall Destry Rides Again / 1939

George Marshall Their First Mistake (Laurel and Hardy) / 1932


Rob Marshall Into the Woods / 2014


Charles Martin My Dear Secretary / 1948


Tina Mascara and Guido Santi Chris & Don. A Love Story / 2007


Peter Masterson The Trip to Bountiful / 1985


Sean Mathias Bent / 1997

Toby Matthews Worthy Is the Lamb / 2018


Albert Maysles, David Maysles, and Charlotte Zwerin Salesman / 1969


Michael Mayson Billy Turner’s Secret / 1990


Paul Mazursky Enemies, a Love Story / 1989

Paul Mazursky Yippee / 2006


Leo McCarey Duck Soup / 1933


Joel Ashton McCarthy Why Does God Hate Me? / 2011


Thomas McCarthy Spotlight / 2015

Thomas McCarthy Win Win / 2011


Martin McDonagh In Bruges / 2008

Martin McDonagh Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri / 2018


Scott McGehee and David Siegel The Deep End / 2001

Scott McGehee and David Siegel What Maisie Knew / 2012


Douglas McGrath Infamous / 2006


Adam McKay The Big Short / 2015


Norman McLaren Narcissus / 1983


John McTiernan Die Hard / 1988


Brian Scott [Mednick] The Confessions of a Male Prostitute / 1992


Deepa Mehta  Fire / 1996

Georges Méliès  L’amant supris 1896-1901(kinograph)

Georges  Méliès Eclipse de Soleil en pleine Lune (Eclipse: Courtship of the Sun and Moon / 1907

Georges Méliès Le méprise / 1896-1901 (kinograph)


Jean-Pierre Melville L’armée des ombres (Army of Shadows) / 1969, USA 2006

Jean-Pierre Melville Deux hommes dans Manhattan (Two Men in Manhattan) / 1959

Jean-Pierre Melville Les Enfants terribles / 1950

Jean-Pierre Melville Bob le Flambeur / 1956, USA 1959

Jean-Pierre Melville Le Cercle rouge (The Red Circle) / 1970, USA 1993

Jean-Pierre Melville Léon Morin, Prêtre (Léon Morin, Priest) / 1961

Jean-Pierre Melville Le Samouraï (The Samurai) / 1967


Sam Mendes Skyfall / 2012


Jiři Menzel Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále (I Served the King of England) / 2006, USA


Jiři Menzel Ostre Sledované Viaky (Closely Watched Trains) / 1966


Douglas Messerli Reading Films

Douglas Messerli Reading Sexually Coded Films: A Defense


Piero Messina L’attesa (The Wait) / 2015, US 2016

Vsevolod Meyerhold and Mikhail Doronin  Portret Doryana Greya (The Picture of Dorian Gray) / 1915 Lost Film


Fernando Mierelles The Two Popes / 2013


Lewis Milestone The North Star / 1943

Lewis Milestone The Strange Love of Martha Ivers / 1946


Bennett Miller Capote / 2005

Bennett Miller Foxcatcher / 2014


Claude Miller La meilleure façon de marcher (The Best Way to Walk) / 1976


Andy Milligan Vapors / 1965


Pat Mills The Christmas Setup / 2020


Sal Mineo Two Scenes from Fortune and Men’s Eyes / 1969


Vincente Minnelli Brigadoon / 1954

Vincente Minnelli Cabin in the Sky / 1943

Vincente Minnelli Gigi / 1958

Vincente Minnelli The Long, Long Trailer / 1954

Vincente Minnelli Meet Me in St. Louis / 1944

Vincente Minnelli Two Weeks in Another Town / 1962


Kenji Mizoguchi 西鶴一代女 Saikaku Ichidai Onna (The Life of Oharu) / 1952

Kenji Mizoguchi 浪華悲歌, Naniwa erejii (Osaka Elegy) / 1936

Kenji Mizoguchi 山椒大夫 Sanshō Dayū (Sansho the Bailiff) / 1954

Kenji Mizoguchi 祇園の姉妹 Gion no Shimai (Sisters of the Gion) / 1936

Kenji Mizoguchi 赤線地帯 Akasen Chitai (Street of Shame) / 1956

Kenji Mizoguchi 残菊物語 Zangiku monogatari? (The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum) / 1939, USA 1979

Kenji Mizoguchi 雨月物語?  Ugetsu Monogatari (Ugetsu) / 1953

Kenji Mizoguchi 夜の女たち Yoru no onnatachi (Women of the Night) / 1948


Édouard Molinaro La Cage aux Folles / 1978

unknown filmmaker Mona’s Candle Light / c. 1950


Mario Monicelli I compagni (The Organizer) / 1963, USA 1964

Mario Monicelli I solti ignoti (Big Deal on Madonna Street) / 1958


Richard Montoya (see Elsa Flores Almaraz)


Guillem Morales Back Room / 1999


David Moreton Edge of Seventeen / 1998

David Moreton Testosterone / 2004


Brett Morgen (see Nanette Brustein)


Paul Morrissey Flesh / 1968


Crystal Moselle The Wolfpack / 2015


Frank Mosvold Kysset som fikk snøen til å smelte (A Kiss in the Snow) / 1997


Robert Mulligan To Kill a Mockingbird / 1962


Eugene Mullin and Charles Kent Twelfth Night / 1910


Cristian Mungiu După dealuri (Beyond the Hills) / 2012

Cristian Mungiu 4 Months 3 Weeks & 2 Days / 2007


Andrzej Munk Eroica (Heroism) / 1958


Sebastián Muñoz El príncipe (The Prince) / 2019


F. W. Murnau Faust / 1926

F. W. Murnau Der letzte Mann (The Last Laugh) / 1924

F. W. Murnau Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror) /   

    1922, USA 1929

F. W. Murnau Sunrise / 1927

F. W. Murnau Tabu: A Story of the South Seas / 1931


Eadweard Muybridge The Kiss / 1887

Eadweard Muybridge “various male athletes” / 1887


Andrew Nackman Fourth Man Out / 2016


Nobuo Nakagawa 地獄 Jigoku (The Sinners of Hell) / 1960


Bharat Nalluri Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day / 2008


Mikio Naruse 銀座化粧 Ginza Keshō (Ginza Cosmetics) / 1951

Mikio Naruse 君と別れて Kimi to wakarete (Apart from You) / 1933

Mikio Naruse 乱れる Midareru (Yearning) / 1964

Mikio Naruse 女が階段を上る時 Onna ga kaidan wo agaru toki (When a Woman Ascends the Stairs) / 1960, USA  1963

Mikio Naruse 夜ごとの夢Yogoto no yume (Every-Night Dreams) / 1933

Bernard Natan Le Ménage moderne du Madame Butterfly / 1920

Jan Němec O slavnosti a hostech (A Report on the Party and the Guests) / 1966


László Nemes Saul fia (Son of Saul) / 2015


Fred C. Newmayer and Sam Taylor Safety Last! / 1923


Fred Niblo Way Out West / 1930


Mike Nichols Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? / 1966


Lasse Nielsen Dragen (The Kite) / 2015

Lasse Nielsen and Ernst Johansen Du er ikke alene (You Are Not Alone) / 1978

Ernst Johansen and Lasse Nielsen La’ os være (Leave Us Alone) / 1975


Christopher Nolan Doodlebug / 1997

Christopher Nolan Following / 1998, UK 1999


Yoshitaro Nomura ゼロの焦点 (Zero no shōten) (Zero Focus) / 1961

Mabel Normand Mabel’s Blunder / 1914


Henry K. Norvalls Shower / 2012


Phillip Noyce The Quiet American / 2002


Raoul O’Connell A Friend of Dorothy / 1994


J. C. Oliva Brotherly / 2008


Manoel de Oliveira Belle Toujours / 2006

Manoel de Oliveira O Estranho Caso de Angélica (Strange Case of Angelica) / 2010


Ermanno Olmi Il Posto (The Job) / 1961


Jenni Olson Blue Diary / 1998


Max Ophüls Letter from an Unknown Woman / 1948

Max Ophüls Lola Montés / 1955, USA 1959

Max Ophüls Madame de... (The Earrings of Madame de...) / 1953

Max Ophüls Le plaisir (House of Pleasure) / 1952

Max Ophüls The Reckless Moment / 1949


Nagisa Ōshima 愛のコリー (Ai no Korīda) (In the Realm of the Senses) / 1976

Nagisa Ōshima 悦楽 (Etsuraku) (Pleasures of the Flesh) / 1965

Nagisa Ōshima 御法度 (Gohatto) (Taboo) / 1999

Nagisa Ōshima 帰って来たヨッパライ(,Kaettekita Yopparai) (Three Resurrected Drunkards) / 1968

Nagisa Ōshima  絞死刑 (Kōshikei) (Death by Hanging) / 1968

Nagisa Ōshima 日本春歌考 (Nihon shunka-kō) (Sing a Song of Sex / A Treatise on Japanese Bawdy Songs) / 1967

Nagisa Ōshima 戦場のメリークリスマ (Senjō no Merī Kurisumasu) (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence) / 1983

Nagisa Ōshima 新宿泥棒日 (Shinjuku dorobō nikki) (Diary of a Shinjuku Thief) / 1969

Nagisa Ōshima 少年 Shōnen (Boy) / 1969


Sergio Oksman Uma História para os Modlin (The Story of the Modlins) / 2012


Franz Osten A Throw of Dice / 1929


Ruben Östlund The Square / 2017

Ruben Östlund Turist (Force Majeure) / 2014


Richard Oswald Anders als die Andern (Different from the Others) / 1919


David Ottenhouse Close To / 1997


Jan Oxenberg A Comedy in Six Unnatural Acts / 1975

Jan Oxenberg Home Movie / 1973


François Ozon Été 85 (Summer of 85) / 2020

François Ozon Frantz / 2016

François Ozon Une robe d'été (A Summer Dress) / 1996

François Ozon Le Temps qui reste (Time to Leave) / 2005


Ferzan Özpetek Le fate ignoranti (The Ignorant Fairies) 2001, USA 2002

Ferzan Özpetek Haman: Il bagno turco (Steam: The Turkish Bath) 1997, USA 1998


Yasujirō Ozu 秋日(Akibiyori) (Late Autumn) / 1960, USA 1973

Yasujirō Ozu 父ありき(Chichi ariki) (There Was a Father) / 1942

Yasujirō Ozu 出来ごころ (,Dekigokoro) (Passing Fancy) / 1933, USA 2013

Yasujirō Ozu 彼岸花 (Higanbana) (Equinox Flower) / 1958

Yasujirō Ozu 一人息子, (Hitori musuko) (The Only Son) / 1936, USA 1987

Yasurjrō Ozu 風の中の牝鶏, (Kaze no naka no mendori) (A Hen in the Wind) / 1948, USA 2013

Yasuijrō Ozu 小早川家の秋 (Kohayagawa-ke no aki) (The End of Summer) / 1961

Yasujirō Ozu 東京物語,  (Monogatari Tokyo) (Tokyo Story) / 1953

Yasujirō Ozu お早よう Ohayō (Good Morning) / 1959, USA 1962

Yasuijrō Ozu 秋刀魚の味 (Sanma no aji) (The Taste of Pike; An Autumn Afternoon) / 1962, USA 1964

Yasujirō Ozu 東京の宿 (Tōkyō no yado) (An Inn in Tokyo) / 1935

Yasujirō Ozu 東京暮色 (Tōkyō boshoku) (Tokyo Twilight) / 1957, USA 1972

Yasujirō Ozu 東京の合唱 (Tōkyō no gassho) (Tokyo Chorus) / 1931, USA 1982

Yasujirō Ozu 浮草物語 (Ukigusa monogatari) (A Story of Floating Weeds) / 1934

Yasujirō Ozu (,Ukigusa) (Floating Weeds) / 1959


Crisaldo Pablo Circles (Bilog) / 2005


G. W. Pabst Die Büchse der Pandora (Pandora's Box) / 1929

G. W. Pabst Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera) / 1931

Matthew Paccini Lavender / 2019


Alan J. Pakula All the President’s Men / 1976


Jafar Panahi تاکسی‎‎ (Jafar Panahi’s Taxi) / 2015

Jafar Panahi سه رخ‎ (Se rokh) (3 Faces) / 2018

Jafar Panahi این فیلم نیست‎‎ (This Is Not a Film) / 2011, USA 2012


Sergei Paradjanov and Dodo Abashidze Ashug-Karibi (Ashik Kerib) / 1988

Sergei Paradjanov and Dodo Abashidze სურამისციხისა (The Legend of Suram Fortress) / 1984

Sergei Paradjanov Sayat Nova (The Color of Pomegranates) / 1968

Sergei Paradjanov Тінізабутих предків/ Tini zabutykh predkiv (Shadows of Our Forgotten  Ancestors) / 1964


Pier Paolo Pasolini Accatone (The Scrounger) / 1961

Pier Paolo Pasolini Edipo re (Oedipus Rex) / 1967, USA 1984

Pier Paolo Pasolini Mamma Roma / 1962

Pier Paolo Pasolini Porcile (Pigsty) / 1969

Pier Paolo Pasolini Teorema (Theorem) / 1968

Pier Paolo Pasolini Uccellacci e uccellini (The Hawks and the Sparrows) / 1966, USA 1967

Alan Parker Midnight Express / 1978


Geeta Patel and Ravi Patel Meet the Patels / 2015


Monte Patterson Caught / 2011


Frank Pavich Jodorowsky’s Dune / 2013


Paweł Pawlikowski Ida / 2014


Ron Peck Nightwakes / 1978


Arthur Penn Bonnie and Clyde / 1967

Arthur Penn Night Moves / 1975


Ed Perkins Tell Me Who I Am / 2019


Nickolas Perry Must Be the Music / 1996


Donald Petrie A Raisin in the Sun / 1961


Aleksandar Petrović The Master and Margaret / 1972


Wolfgang Petersen Die Konsequenz (The Consequence) / 1977


Christian Petzold Barbara / 2012

Christian Petzold Phoenix / 2014, USA 2015


Maruice Pialat La gueule ouverte (The Mouth Agape) / 1974

Maurice Pialat Police / 1985, USA 1986


Harold Pinter Butley / 1974


Suzan Pitt Asparagus / 1979


Laura Poitras Citizenfour / 2014


Roman Polanski Chinatown / 1974

Roman Polanski The Ghost Writer / 2010

Roman Polanski Nóz w wodzie (Knife in the Water) / 1962

Roman Polanski Oliver Twist / 2005

Roman Polanski Rosemary’s Baby / 1968

Roman Polanski La Vénus à la fourrure (Venus in Fur) / 2013, USA 2014


Abraham Polansky Force of Evil / 1948


Sydney Pollack Three Days of the Condor / 1975


Gillo Pontecorvo La battaglia di Algeri (معركة الجزائر) (The Battle of Algiers) / 1966, USA 1967


Andrew Porter Nobody I Know / 1997


Edwin S. Porter and George S. Fleming The Old Maid Having Her Picture Taken / 1901

Edwin S. Porter The Old Maid in Her Drawing Room / 1901


Corneliu Porumboiu Politsit, adj. (Police, adjective) / 2009


H. C. Potter Three for the Show / 1955


Sally Potter Orlando / 1994, USA 2007


Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger Black Narcissus / 1947

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger I Know Where I’m Going! / 1945

Michael Powell Peeping Tom / 1960

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger The Red Shoes / 1948

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger The Tales of Hoffman / 1951


Rosa von Praunheim Nicht der Homosexuelle ist pervers, sondern die Situation, in der er lebt (It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives) / 1971


Otto Preminger Advise & Consent / 1962

Otto Preminger Laura / 1944


Emeric Pressburger (see Michael Powell)


Lonny Price Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened / 2016


Luther Price Sodom / 1988-1989


Harold Prince Something for Everyone / 1970


Vsevolod Pudovkin and Nikolai Shpikovsky Shakhmatnay a goryachka (Chess Fever) / 1925


Richard Quine Bell, Book and Candle / 1958

Richard Quine My Sister Eileen / 1955


José Quintaro Moon for the Misbegotten / 1973


Sridhar Rangayan Evening Shadows / 2018


Ian Iqbal Rashid Surviving Sabu / 1997


Nicholas Ray Johnny Guitar / 1954

Nicholas Ray The Lusty Men / 1952

Nicholas Ray (with Josef von Sternberg) Macao / 1952

Nicholas Ray Rebel without a Cause / 1955


Satyajit Ray আগন্তুক Agontuk (The Stranger) / 1991, USA 1992

Satyajit Ray অপরাজিত Aparjito (The Unvanquished) / 1957

Satyajit Ray Apur Sansar (The World of Apu) / 1959

Satyajit Ray দেবী(Devi) (The Goddess) / 1960, USA 1962

Satyajit Ray Ghare Baire (The Home and the World) / 1984

Satyajit Ray গণশত্রু Gônoshotru (An Enemy of the People) / 1989

Satyajit Ray জলসাঘর Jalsaghar (The Music Room) / 1958

Satyajit Ray মহানগর, Mahānagar (The Big City) / 1963, USA 1968

Satyajit Ray Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road) /1955


Carol Reed The Fallen Idol / 1948, USA 1949

Carol Reed A Kid for Two Farthings / 1955, USA 1956

Carol Reed Night Train to Munich / 1940

Carol Reed Oliver! / 1968 [discussion of dancing]

Carol Reed Oliver! / 1968 [discussion of film]

Carol Reed Our Man in Havana / 1959, USA 1960

Carol Reed The Third Man / 1949


François Reichenbach (uncredited), Gary Graver (uncredited) Oja Kodar (uncredited), Orson Welles F for Fake / 1975 [see also Welles]

François Reichenbach Last Spring / 1954

François Reichenbach Nus masculins (Male Nudes) / 1954


Max Reinhardt and William Dieterle A Midsummer Night’s Dream / 1935


Irving Reis The Big Street / 1942


Jill Reiter Birthday Party / 1994


Jason Reitman Up in the Air / 2009


Norman René Longtime Companion / 1989


Jean Renoir Boudu sauvé des eaux (Boudu Save from Drowning) / 1932

Jean Renoir Le Carosse d'Or (The Golden Coach) / 1952, USA 1954

Jean Renoir La Chienne / 1931, USA 1976

Jean Renoir Le Crime de Monsieur Lange (The Crime of Monsieur Lange) / 1936

Jean Renoir The Diary of a Chambermaid / 1946

Jean Renoir Elena et les hommes / 1956, USA 1957

Jean Renoir Le Fleuvre (The River) / 1951

Jean Renoir French Cancan / 1954

Jean Renoir La Grande Illusion (Grand Illusion) / 1937, USA 1938

Jean Renoir On purge bébé / 1931

Jean Renoir Partie de campagne (A Day in the Country) / 1936, released in France 1946 (redited), USA 1950

Jean Renoir La Règle du jeu (Rules of the Game) / 1939

Jean Renoir Toni / 1935


Alain Resnais L'Année dernière à Marienbad (Last Year at Marienbad) / 1961

Alain Resnais Hiroshima mon amour 二十四時間の情事 Nijūyojikan'nojōji / 1959

Alain Resnais Mon oncle d'Amérique (My American Uncle) / 1980

Alain Resnais Muriel ou le temps d'un retour / 1963

Alain Resnais Pas sur la bouche (Not on the Lips) / 2003


Daniel Ribeiro Café com Leite (You, Me and Him) / 2007

Daniel Ribeiro Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (The Way He Looks) / 2014


Ron Rice Chumlum / 1964


Tony Richardson A Delicate Balance / 1973

Tony Richardson Tom Jones / 1963


Marlon T. Riggs Anthem / 1991


Wolf Rilla Village of the Damned / 1960


Arturo Ripstein El Colonel no tiene quien le escriba (No One Writes to the Colonel) / 1999

Arturo Ripstein El imperio de la fortuna (The Realm of Fortune) / 1986

Arturo Ripstein El lugar sin limites (Hell without Limits) / 1978


Martin Ritt Norma Rae / 1979


Joan Rivers: (Still A) Live at the London Palladium / 2005

See also Ricki Stern


Jacques Rivette Le coup du berger / 1956

Jacques Rivette Histoire de Marie et Julien (Story of Marie and Julien) / 2003, no US distribution

Jacques Rivette Hurlevent (Wuthering Heights) / 1985

Jacques Rivette Ne touchez pas la hache (The Duchess of Langeais) / 2007, USA 2008

Jacques Rivette Paris nous appartient (Paris Belongs to Us) / 1958, 1961 premiere

Jacques Rivette Le Pont du Nord / 1981

Jacques Rivette La Religieuse (The Nun) / 1966, general release 1967


Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise West Side Story / 1961


Bruce Robinson Witnail & I / 1987


Mark Robson The Inn of the Sixth Happiness / 1958


João Pedro Rodrigues O Fantasma / 2000, USA 2001

João Pedro Rodrigues Odete (Two Drifters) / 2005

João Pedro Rodrigues O Ornitólogo (The Ornithologist) / 2017


Nicolas Roeg and Donald Cammell Performance / 1970

Nicolas Roeg The Man Who Fell to Earth / 1976


Ḗric Rohmer Ma nuit chez Maud (My Night at Maud’s) / 1969


A.J. Rose, Jr. Penis / 1965


Lee Rose Jack / 2004


Herbert Ross California Suite / 1978

Herbert Ross Nijinsky / 1980


Roberto Rossellini Europa ’51 / 1952, USA 1954

Roberto Rossellini Francesco, giullare di Dio (God’s Jester) / (The Flowers of St. Francis) / 1950, USA 1952

Roberto Rossellini Germania anno zero (Germany, Year Zero) / 1948

Roberto Rossellini Paisa’ (Paisan) 1946

Roberto Rossellini Roma città aperta (Rome, Open City) / 1945, USA 1946

Roberto Rossellini Stromboli, terra di dio (Stromboli) / 1950

Roberto Rossellini Viaggio in Italia (Voyage in Italy) / 1953


Robert Rossen All the King's Men / 1949


William Roth Floating / 1997

Gabe Rubin (see Felix Bernstein)


Alan Rudolph Choose Me / 1984


Wesley Ruggles No Man of Her Own / 1932

Wesley Ruggles Too Many Husbands / 1940


Raúl Ruiz Mistérios de Lisboa (Mysteries of Lisbon) / 2010, USA 2011

Raúl Ruiz Le temps retrouvë (Time Regained) / 1999, USA 2000

Raúl Ruiz Les Trois Couronnes du Matelet (Three Crowns of the Sailor) / 1983, USA 1984


David O. Russell American Hustle / 2013

David O. Russell Flirting with Disaster / 1996

David O. Russell Silver Linings Playbook / 2012


Walter Ruttman Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis) / 1927, USA 1928

Stellan Rye (see Paul Wegener)


Ira Sachs Keep the Lights On / 2012

Ira Sachs Little Men / 2016

Ira Sachs Love Is Strange / 2014


Leontine Sagan Mädchen in Uniform (Girls in Uniform) / 1931


David Sale (creator), David Sale, Brian Phillis, Peter Benardos, and others Number 96 (TV series) / 1972-1977

Pierre Salvadori Un moment... (A Moment) / 1996

Salvatore Samperi Ernesto / 1979, USA 1983


Valentino R. Sandoli Paradigma / 2016


Isobel Sandoval Lingua Franca / 2019, general release 2020


Mark Sandrich The Gay Divorcee / 1934

Mark Sandrich Top Hat / 1935


André Santos (see Marco Leão)


Sudhanshu Saria Loev / 2015, USA 2017


Francis Savel (as Dietrich de Velsa) Équation à un inconnu (Equation to an Unknown) / 1980


Henry Schenck, Edward Warren, and Alice Guy Algie the Miner / 1912


John Schlesinger Midnight Cowboy / 1969

John Schlesinger Sunday Bloody Sunday / 1971


John Schmitz Voices / 1953


Volker Schlöndorff Baal / 1970

Volker Schlöndorff Die Blechtrommel (The Tin Drum) / 1979, USA 1980

Volker Schlöndorff Diplomatie (Diplomacy) / 2014, general USA 2015

Volker Schlöndorff Die junge Törless (Young Törless) / 1966

Volker Schlöndorff Un amour de Swann (Eine Liebe von Swann) (Swann in Love) / 1984

Volker Schlöndorff Der Fangschuß (Coup de Grâce) / 1976

Volker Schlöndorff and Margarethe von Trotta Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum oder: Wie Gewalt entstehen und wohin sie führen kann (The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, or: How Violence Develops and Where It Can Lead) / 1975


Paul Schrader The Comfort of Strangers / 1990


Barbet Schroeder Reversal of Fortune / 1990


Werner Schroeter Deux / 2002

Werner Schroeter Der Rosenkönig (The Rose King) / 1986


Reinhold Schümzel Viktor und Viktoria (Viktor and Viktoria) / 1933


Lacey Schwartz Little White Lie / 2014


Jeffrey Schwarz Tab Hunter Confidential / 2015


Ettore Scola Una giornata particolare (A Special Day) / 1977


Martin Scorcese After Hours / 1985

Martin Scorcese The Age of Innocence / 1993

Martin Scorcese Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore / 1974

Martin Scorcese Hugo / 2011

Martin Scorcese The Irishman / 2019

Martin Scorcese Mean Streets / 1973

Martin Scorcese Silence / 2016

Martin Scorcese The Wolf of Wall Street / 2013


George Seaton Miracle on 34th Street / 1947

William A. Seiter Diplomaniacs / 1933


Mack Sennett (with Charles Chaplin) A Busy Day (a. k. a. The Militant Suffragette) / 1914


Danilà Serra Couchetiez On the Roof / 2015


Yolanda García Serrano and Juan Luis Iborra Amor de Hombre (Love of Man), a.k.a. Manly Love / 1997


Parvez Sharma A Jihad for Love (In the Name of Allah) / 2007, USA 2008

Nik Sheehan Symposium: The Ladder of Love / 1996


Richard Shepard The Matador / 2005


Larisa Shepitko Krylya (Wings) / 1966, USA 1996

Larisa Sheptiko Voskhozhdenie (The Ascent) / 1976


Bill Sherwood Parting Glances /1986


Hiroshi Shimizu 有りがたうさん Arigatō-san (Mr. Thank You) / 1936

Hiroshi Shimizu 按摩と女 Anma to onna (Two Masseurs and a Woman) / 1938


Masahiro Shinoda はなれ瞽女おりん (Hanare Goze Orin) (Ballad of Orin) / 1977


Simon Shore Get Real / 1998


Michael Showalter The Big Sick / 2017


George Sidney Kiss Me, Kate / 1953


David Siegel (see Scott McGehee)


Don Siegel Invasion of the Body Snatchers / 1956

Don Siegel Invasion of the Body Snatchers / 1956 [short discussion]

Runar Þór Sigurbjörnsson Hann (Him) / 2018


Frank Simon The Queen / 1968


Joel Singer (see James Broughton)


Douglas Sirk Imitation of Life / 1959

Douglas Sirk Written on the Wind / 1956


Alf Sjöberg Fröken Julie (Miss Julie) / 1951

Alf Sjöberg Hets (Tormet) / 1944


Victor Sjöström Körkarlen (The Phantom Carriage) / 1921, USA 1922

Victor Sjöstrom The Scarlet Letter / 1926


Brian Sloan Pool Days / 1993

Phillips Smalley The Picture of Dorian Gray / 1913 Lost Film


Howard Smith and Sarah Kernochan Marjoe / 1972


Jack Smith Flaming Creatures / 1963


Kevin Smith Chasing Amy / 1997


Greta Snider Hard-Core Home Movie / 1989

Greta Snider Our Gay Brothers / 1993


Steven Soderbergh Erin Brockovich / 2000


Warren Sonbert and Wendy Appel Amphetamine / 1966


Paolo Sorrentino La grande belleza (The Great Beauty) / 2013

Paolo Sorrentino Youth / 2015


Cosima Spender Without Gorky / 2011


Steven Spielberg Lincoln / 2012

Steven Spielberg The Post / 2017


Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska Honeyland / 2018, USA 2019


Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work / 2010


Josef von Sternberg Blonde Venus / 1932

Josef von Sternberg The Blue Angel / 1930

Josef von Sternberg (with Julien Duvivier and Victor Fleming) The Great Waltz / 1938

Josef von Sternberg The Last Command / 1928

Josef von Sternberg (with Nicolas Ray) Macao / 1952

Josef von Sternberg Morocco / 1930

Josef von Sternberg The Salvation Hunters / 1925

Josef von Sternberg The Scarlet Empress / 1934

Josef von Sternberg Underworld / 1927


George Stevens The More the Merrier / 1943

George Stevens Shane / 1953


Robert Stevenson Jane Eyre / 1944


Jon Stewart Rosewater / 2014


Roger Stigliano Fun Down There / 1988, Germany 1989, USA 1990


Mauritz Stiller Vingarne (The Wings) / 1916


Andrew L. Stone Stormy Weather / 1943


Tom Stoppard Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead / 1990


Erich von Stroheim Queen Kelly / 1929

Axel Strøm Dorian Grays Portræt (The Picture of Dorian Gray) / 1910 Lost Film

Susan Stroman The Producers / 2005


John Sturges Bad Day at Black Rock / 1954


Preston Sturges Hail the Conquering Hero / 1944

Preston Sturges The Lady Eve / 1941

Preston Sturges The Miracle of Morgan Creek / 1944

Preston Sturges The Palm Beach Story / 1942


Anne Sundberg (see Ricki Stern)


Suzuki Seijun すべてが狂ってる Subete ga kurutteru (Everything Goes Wrong) / 1960


Jan Švankmajer Něco z Alenky (Alice) / 1988

Jan Švankmajer Spiel mit Steinen (A Game with Stones) / 1965

Jan Švankmajer Rakvičkárna (Punch and Judy) / 1966

Jan Švankmajer Et Cetera / 1966

Jan Švankmajer Picknick mit Weissmann (Picnic with Weissmann) / 1968

Jan Švankmajer Tichý týden v domé (A Quiet Week in the House) / 1969


István Szabó Oberst Redl (Colonel Redl) / 1985


Damían Szifron Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) / 2014. USA general release 2015


Juan Carlos Tabío (see Tomás Gutiérrez Alea)


Kidlat Tahimik Mababangong bangungot (Perfumed Nightmare) / 1977


Abdellah Taïa L’armée du salut (Salvation Army) 2013, USA 2015


Quentin Tarantino Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood / 2019


Andrei Tarkovsky Andrei Rublev / 1966

Andrei Tarkovsky Ivanovo detstvo (Ivan's Childhood) / 1962

Andrei Tarkovsky Offret (The Sacrifice) / 1986

Andrei Tarkovsky Stalker / 1979

Andrei Tarkovsky Зеркало (Zerkalo) (Mirror) / 1975


Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky A Londoni férfi (The Man from London) / 2007, USA 2008, 2009

Béla Tarr Sátántangó / 1994

Béla Tarr A Torionói Ló (The Turin Horse) / 2011

Béla Tarr Werckmeister harmóniák (Werckmeister Harmonies) / 2000

Jerry Tartaglia Ecco Homo / 1989


Jacques Tati Mon Oncle / 1958

Jacques Tati Playtime / 1967

Jacques Tati Trafic (Traffic) / 1971

Jacques Tati La Vacances de Monsieur Hulot (Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday) / 1953, revised 1978


Norman Taurog  Broadway Melody of 1940 / 1940

Norman Taurog  Sunny Skies / 1930


André Téchiné J’embrasse pas (I Don’t Kiss) / 1991

André Téchiné Quand on a 17 ans (Being 17) / 2016

André Téchiné Les roseaux sauvages (Wild Reeds) / 1994

André Téchiné Les Témoins (The Witnesses) / 2007, USA 2008


Hiroshi Teshigahara Tanin no kao (The Face of Another) / 1966, USA 1967

Hiroshi Teshigahara Suna no onna (Woman of the Dunes) / 1964

Hiroshi Teshigahara Rikyū / 1989


Mark Thiedeman Last Summer / 2013


Harlan Thompson Kiss and Make-up / 1934


David Tjen It Gets Better / 2014


Roger Tonge Two of Us / 1987, 1988 (re-release with new ending), 2004 USA

Andrew Toovey Dutch Dykes (with Eadweard Muybridge moving video) / 2002


Guillermo del Toro El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth) / 2006

Guillermo del Toro The Shape of Water / 2017


Ceyda Torun Kedi (Cat) / 2016, USA 2017


Jacques Tourneur Out of the Past / 1947


Scott Treleaven The Salivation Army / 2001


François Truffaut L’Amour en fuite (Love on the Run) / 1979

François Truffaut Antoine et Colette (Antoine and Colette) / 1962

François Truffaut Baisers volés (Stolen Kisses) / 1968, USA 1969

François Truffaut Domicile Conjugal (Bed and Board) / 1970, USA 1971

François Truffaut L’Enfant sauvage (The Wild Child) / 1970

François Truffaut Jules et Jim (Jules and Jim) / 1962

François Truffaut La Nuit américaine (Day for Night) / 1973

François Truffaut Les Quatre cents coups (The 400 Blows) / 1959

François Truffaut Tirez sur le pianist (Shoot the Piano Player) 1960, USA 1964


Ming-liang Tsai 黑眼圈 (Hēiyǎnquān) (I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone) / 2006

Ming-liang Tsai 青少年哪吒 (Qīngshàonián Nézhā) (Rebels of a Neon God) / 2009, US 2015


Adam Tyree Green Light / 2020


Matt Tyrnauer Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood / 2017, general US release 2018

Matt Tyrnauer Studio 54 / 2018


Edgar G. Ullmer Detour / 1945


Zaza Urushadze მანდარინები (Mandariinid) Tangerines / 2013, USA 2015


Peter Ustinov Billy Budd / 1962


Roger Vadim …And God Created Woman / 1956, USA 1957


Jean-Luc Vallée Dallas Buyers Club / 2013


Philippe Vallois Nous étions un seul homme (We Were One Man) / 1979


Jaco van Dormael Mr. Nobody / 2009, USA 2011

Jaco van Dormael Toto le Heros (Toto the Hero) / 1991, USA 1992

Jaco van Dormael Le tout nouveau testament (The Brand New Testament) / 2015, USA 2016


W. S. Van Dyke The Thin Man / 1934


Gus Van Sant Mala Noche / 1986

Gus Van Sant Milk / 2008

Gus Van Sant My Own Private Idaho / 1991


Agnès Varda Le Bonheur (Happiness) / 1965

Agnès Varda Cléo de 5 à 7 (Cleo from 5 to 7) / 1962

Agnès Varda Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse (The Gleaners and I) / 2000

Agnès Varda Oncle Yanco (Uncle Yanco) / 1967

Agnès Varda and JR Visages, Villages (Faces Places) / 2017


Malcolm Venville 44 Inch Chest / 2009, USA 2010


Gerardo Vera Segunda piel (Second Skin) / 1999


Dziga Vertov Man with a Movie Camera / 1929

Dziga Vertov and Elizaveta Silova Tri geroinia (Three Heroines) / 1938


King Vidor The Crowd / 1928

King Vidor Cynara / 1932

King Vidor Show People / 1928


Lorenzo Vigas Desde allá (From Afar) / 2015, USA general release 2016

Jean Vigo L’Atalante (Le Chaland qui passe) / 1934

Jean Vigo À Propos de Nice / 1930

Jean Vigo Zéro de conduit (Zero for Conduct) / 1933

Russel Vincent That Tender Touch / 1969


Luchino Visconti La caduta degli dei (Die Verdammten) (The Damned) / 1969

Luchino Visconti Il gattopardo (The Leopard) / 1963

Luchino Visconti Ludwig / 1973 [original cut restored]

Luchino Visconti Le Notti Bianche (White Nights) / 1957

Luchino Visconti Rocco e i suoi fratelli (Rocco and His Friends) / 1960

Luchino Visconti Senso / 1954, USA 1968

Luchino Visconti La Terra Trema (The Earth Trembles) / 1948, USA 1957


Tony Vitale Kiss Me, Guido / 1997


Andrzej Wajda Czlowiek z marmuru (Man of Marble) / 1977

Andrzej Wajda Kanał / 1956, USA 1961

Andrzej Wajda Niewinni czarodzieje (Innocent Sorcerers) / 1960

Andrzej Wajda Panny z Wilka (The Girls of Wilko) / 1979

Andrzej Wajda Popiól i diament (Ashes and Diamonds) / 1958

Andrzej Wajda Sibirska Ledi Magbe (Siberian Lady Macbeth) / 1962


Raoul Walsh High Sierra / 1941

Raoul Walsh They Died with Their Boots On / 1941


Charles Walters Easter Parade / 1948

Charles Walters Lili / 1953


Andy Warhol Blow Job / 1964

Andy Warhol (with Ronald Tavel) The Life of Juanita Castro / 1965

Andy Warhol and Chuck Wein My Hustler / 1965

Andy Warhol Taylor Mead’s Ass / 1965


Edward Warren (see Henry Schenck)


Reid Waterer The Kiss on the Cliff / 1993


Charles Sibley Watson and Melville Webber The Fall of the House of Usher / 1928

Charles Sibley Watson and Melville Webber Lot in Sodom / 1933


Apichatpong Weerasethakul ดอกฟ้าในมือมาร (Fokfa nai meuman) (Mysterious Object at Noon) / 2000

Apichatpong Weerasethakul Rak Ti Khon Kaen (Cemetery of Splendor) / 2015, USA limited 2016

Apichatpong Weerasethakul Sud anaeha (Blissfully Yours) / 2002

Apichatpong Weeraesthakul Tropical Malady / 2004

Apichatpong Weeraesthakul Uncle Bonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives / 2010


Paul Wegener and Carl Boese Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kom (The Golem: How He Came into the World) / 1920

Paul Wegener and Stellan Rye (directors) Der Student von Prag (The Student of Prague) / 1913


Em Weinstein In France Michelle Is a Man’s Name / 2020


Peter Weir The Plumber / 1979

Peter Weir The Truman Show / 1998

Peter Weir Witness / 1985

Peter Weir The Year of Living Dangerously / 1982


Orson Welles, François Reichenbach (uncredited), Gary Graver (uncredited) and Oja Kodar (uncredited) F for Fake / 1975

Orson Welles The Lady from Shanghai / 1947

Orson Welles the Magnificent Ambersons / 1942

Orson Welles Touch of Evil / 1958

Orson Welles The Trial (Le Procés) / 1962


William Wellman Beggars of Life / 1928

William Wellman Nothing Sacred / 1937

William Wellman So Big! / 1932


Wim Wenders Der amerikanische Freud (The American Friend) / 1977

Wim Wenders Paris, Texas / 1984


Paul Wendkos Gidget / 1959


Lina Wertmuller Pasqualino Settebellezze (Seven Beauties) / 1975, USA 1976


Mark S. Wexler Tell Them Who You Are / 2004


James Whale Bride of Frankenstein / 1935

James Whale Frankenstein / 1931

James Whale The Old Dark House / 1932

James Whale Show Boat / 1936


Mike White Year of the Dog / 2007


Robert Wiene Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) / 1920


Billy Wilder The Apartment / 1960

Billy Wilder Love in the Afternoon / 1957

Billy Wilder Sabrina / 1954

Billy Wilder Some Like It Hot / 1959

Billy Wilder Sunset Boulevard / 1950

Billy Wilder Sunset Boulevard / 1950 [short discussion]

Will Willoughby Jerome Jawrence: Just Off Broadway / 1993


Spencer Williams The Blood of Jesus / 1941


Don Wingate Kaye Ballard: The Show Goes On / 2019


Irvin Winkler De-Lovely / 2004


Robert Wise The Andromeda Strain / 1971

Robert Wise The Day the Earth Stood Still / 1951


David Wojnarowicz Beautiful People / 1988


Konrad Wolf Ich war neuzehn (I Was Nineteen) / 1968

Konrad Wolf Sonnensucher (Sun Seekers) / 1958, released 1972


Billy Woodberry Bless Their Little Hearts / 1984


Wong Kar-wai 墮落天使 (Duòluò tiānshǐ) (Fallen Angels) / 1995

Wong Kar-wai  春光乍洩(Happy Together) / 1997

Wong Kar-wai  花樣年華 (In the Mood for Love) / 2000, USA 2001

Wong Kar-wai 2046 / 2004

Wong Kar-wai 旺角卡門 (Wàngjiǎo Kǎmén) (As Tears Go By) / 1988, USA 2008


Edgar Wright Baby Driver / 2017


Randall Wright Hockney / 2016


Marcin Wrona Demon / 2015, USA 2016


Wu Tianming 变脸 Bian Lian (The King of Masks) / 1996, USA 1999


William Wyler The Best Years of Our Lives / 1946

William Wyler Dodsworth / 1936

William Wyler Funny Girl / 1968

William Wyler How to Steal a Million / 1966

William Wyler Jezebel / 1938

William Wyler The Letter / 1940

William Wyler The Little Foxes / 1941


Peter Yates The Hot Rock / 1972


Yuan Yuan  雁南 Heading South / 2020

Chabname Zariab Au bruit des clochette (When You Hear the Bells) / 2015


Ferdinand Zecca Par le trou de la serrure (What Is Seen Through a Keyhole) / 1901


Marina Zenovich Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired / 2008


Zhang Yimou 大紅燈籠高高掛 (Dà Hóng Dēnglong Gāogāo Guà) (Raise the Red Lanterns) / 1991


Fred Zinnemann Behold a Pale Horse / 1964

Fred Zinnemann Oklahoma! / 1955

Fred Zinnemann Oklahoma! / 1955 [short discussion]


Andrey Zvyagintsev Елена (Elena) / 2011

Andrey Zvyagintsev Левиафан (Leviathan) / 2014

Andrey Zvyagintsev Нелюбовь (Loveless) / 2017