Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Robert Henry Mizer | Military School Initiation

military discipline

by Douglas Messerli

Robert Henry Mizer (screenwriter and director) Military School Initiation / 1963

As an AMG documentary film observes, “if some long forgotten fraternity jock with latent tendencies hadn’t dreamed up the idea of humiliating fraternity initiations, erotic cinema would have had to invent them.” Starring AMG studio regulars Ernie Matthews, Bob Jackson, Monte Hansen, and Chuck Steury, Military School Initiation (1963).

       The two senior fraternity members lounging around the house in, what else, their posing straps encounter two new pledges, immediately demanding they strip to their own posing straps (didn’t everyone wear such under pants penis coverings in those days?).  

      The seniors pull out their boots and demand the pledges shine them to a black gleam. Of course, the finished shoes do not at all meet the demands of the seniors, who pulling out the ping pong paddles spank the newbies.

     In the very next instance, the pledges eyes are covered with towels tied round their heads while the two seniors spray whip cream over their younger friends’ mouth and noses, resulting in a mass wrestling mass which soon becomes a pile of heaving flesh—the perfect outcome for their at-home viewers. A color promo suggests that before the final cuts there was also some towel slapping.

       Now they’re all friends and equals. 

Los Angeles, September 20, 2021

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