Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Robert Henry Mizer | Otte Boersma

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 Robert Henry Mizer (director) Otte Boersma / c. 1956-1971

 The largest number of Bob Mizer films consist of single models posing, usually beginning frontally, standing or sitting, turning to their side, demonstrating their asses either in full recline, bending or standing, and returning again to the front where they attempt to engage in some athletic activity, jumping, skipping, lifting weights, etc. These are only as interesting as one finds the model to be attractive or appealing in in his personality. And most of the many hundreds of bruisers that Mizer put to film are simply boring to watch in action, although the effort here, apparently, was to gather as many possible types that somewhere along the way there were enough men that caught the eye of his viewers that they came coming back to order more and more tapes and pursue the pages of his magazines.

     My favorite example of such pointless physique presentations—utterly necessary if Mizer wanted to maintain that his interest in the male form was purely athletically inspired—was of a young blond named Otte Boersma, of who I could find no specific information despite the fact that one can readily find both a clip and whole reel of his session online.

      Boersma as a truly winning, youthful smile, and seems to be simply enjoying the fact that the camera is whisking over his body. Unlike so many others, one can truly see the full outline of his penis through the posing strap, and he seems to even encourage that fact by lamely making a few jumps which turn into a short effort of jumping jacks. 

     Otherwise Boersma simply stands smiling, turning to the side, and eventually laying down to do a few sit-ups so that the camera can catch a full view of his ass.

      Near the end he stands again leaning against the column backdrop before simply sitting down on the cement to show off his pretty face, his slightly sweaty chest, and his winning smile, almost waving away the camera at last as if to say, so now I deserve a rest. No grimaces or muscle posturing here, just a cute boy showing his near naked body off.

     The film (B079) is undated, but apparently was shot somewhere between 1956-1971.

Los Angeles, October 19, 2021

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